Hi guys, can anyone actually tell me what is a CV in professional terms?

  CV or Curriculum Vitae also known as resume in some countries which technically describes what happened over the course of your life suck as when and where you were born, who your parents were, education, hobbies, upbringing, etc.  CV is a summary of a job interviewee's specialised knowledge, experience and educational background, accompanied by other relevant information regarding the applicant's qualifications. As you know that it is similar to a resume, but is used often by job applicant who have published works in journals, such as scientists or academic project done during college time. If you are looking for a Job and preparing yourself for an interview, must bring your CV with cover letter (if not idea about it, take https://www.cvfolks.co.uk/cover-letter/ cover letter help) because cover letter gives brief overview of your ability, skills and your contribution towards the job because cover letter is first thing your employer would notice about you so make it better as much you can.