Help with chosing a BSchool after giving GMAT

Hi I have given my GMAT recently and got a score of 770. I have a work experience of 2 years till now and it would be 3 by next fall. I have graduated from IIT Kharagpur. Can you help me with selecting a good B-school. Also, my GPA is very bad…

I have given my GMAT recently and got a score of 770. I have a work experience of 2 years till now and it would be 3 by next fall. I have graduated from IIT Kharagpur. Can you help me with selecting a good B-school.
Also, my GPA is very bad in my BTech. Will this matter a lot? Can you suggest few B Schools for which it wont matter much.

IIT Kharagpur, GMAT of 770 - you have got a lot happening for you! These are of course the big pluses.

Among the things to watch out for:
1. You say you have a bad GPA- what is it like, and why was it low (if it is low)? Adcoms would like to hear you tell them you were busy being very active in extra-curricular stuff happening at college or that you had a genuine reason for bad grades.

2. With two years of work experience, you would be among the younger candidates in the program. Have you done interesting stuff at work in these two years? Have you been handed responsibility and made a real impact there? Have you had a chance to lead someone (if not at work, then outside, in the community?). You would be evaluated for these factors through the application.

With your GMAT score, you are pretty good to apply to almost any b-school. Please share more information about yourself / your work / career goals etc. so that I can make some suggestions.

Namita, MBA Decoder

Hi Namitha,

My GPA is 6.7 out of 10 which is like in the top 50%.
The truth is that I may have neglected my acads by being very active in extra acads but I am not sure if I can give it as a proper reason.
About my work, I have won organisation wide awards for my work and I have also been a part of cultural team which organises fests. Would that help?

Also, I would like to mention that my current work is in software field. I do interact and work with people from different countries, but it still isnt a finance related job. So would my experience be considered good enough?


I'd be really obliged if you could evaluate my profile and suggest the B-schools that I should aim for.

Origin : Indian,Male,24

GMAT : Scheduled on 23rd Aug 2013. Targeting a score of 700.

Education: B.Tech (Engg) in Instrumentation and Control

GPA: 3.7 out of 5 (73.5 %)

12th: 79%

10th: 84%

Work Experience:

Till date: 23 Months In Wipro Technologies as a Java-J2EE Dev (IT)

Till September 2014: 3 Years

Clients worked for : Citibank USA (Retail-Mortgage Industry)

No international exposure but frequent telephonic conversations with Onshore team member as well as client.


1.Part of the team responsible for Enhancement of Citimortgage . com and Mortgage Assessment Tool (an internal tool used by citi employees).

2.Given KT (Knowledge Transfer),technical as well as Project based(Mortgage and related terms), to new joiners.

3.Given the responsibility of conducting POCs (Proof of Concept) and Presentations by the Manager and subsequently gave POCs and presentations to the Delivery head and Clients.

4.Independently worked on a module (including estimation,development and delivery).

I have also established a PVT LTD company of my own (with 2 more friends of mine) under which I am about to launch a website(nation-wide) related to Internal Job Postings.

The website is in the development phase(outsourced).

I also help my father on Weekends in his business,a readymade garments' showroom which employs 8 salesmen. I also introduced a new bonus system for the salesmen as opposed to the standard market norm, positively affecting the business.

LOR: from Supervisor-who is now pursuing MS in Computer Science from Urbana Champaign and from the Delivery Head of my current project (Citibank). To be reviewed by a professional

Extra Curricular :

Co-Director, Event Management for IEEE branch of my college.

Part of the college football team for 2 years.

Captained the school football team for 2 years and won bronze at zonal level.

Active participation in quizzes at both-school as well as college level.

Post MBA Goal: Finance (Investment Banking)

I have shortlisted the below mentioned schools. Could you tell me what are my chances of getting selected to these colleges?

Stretch : Carnegie Mellon,ISB, McCombs, Kenan-Flagler, Rotman

Competitive : Manchester Business school (UK), Schulich(York), Urbana Champaign, Richard-Ivey, Fisher, Mays,Georgia Tech, Carlson, Rice,Wash U. (Olin)

Safe: Boston College (Carroll), Purdue

I understand this is a long list(and my experience is on the lower side) hence, I am looking forward to your guidance to help me shortlist a correct mix of B-schools(like 1 stretch school, 2-3 competitive schools and 2 safe schools) to apply in R1 for Fall 2014 admissions.

I am open to other B schools and geographies.

Also, as ISB deadline is near, I wish to apply in R2 for same. Does my application stand an equal chance as R1 in R2?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Hi All,

I have my GMAT exam scheduled tomorrow. Can someone suggest me the 5-Bschools which I should select, while giving tomorrow's exam, where i have realistic chance of admission. I can opt for MBA or MIS degree.

My Profile:
Wrk Ex: 3yrs 4 months/ IT/ Business Analysis
Pointer: 7.25
Avg Score in GMAT tests: 680-720

My Requirements while selecting B-school:
B-school in US/Singapore OR any other good school.. 😃
Tuition fee: Not more than 50 Lakh. (Chances of scholarship??)
Accpeted Mean/Median score around 680-710
ROI and Rank of school.

Appreciate the help.


HiI just gave my GMAT and scored a 660 and would like to know my chances of getting into a good university preferably in Asia, Australia or Canada and Europe.I am currently working in a Big 4 firm and am an engineer by education. I also have completed a program in management from ISB, Hyd( 18 months program) and have a work experience of almost 4 years.Would I get a chance to get a call from INSEAD, NUS and all amongst the top universities if not the top 5 or 6Thanks for your guidance in advance.


I have given my GMAT today and got a score of 640.I have a work ex of 1.2 year(till today).I have graduated from VTU. I would like to know should i go for one more attempt or apply for B school.My GPA(85%) was good in my BTech.