Haskayne MBA Fall 2013 Aspirants

Hi, Welcome to Haskayne Fall’13 thread… Pls share your application and admit status here… I submitted my Haskayne application in the first week of Nov and got the admit mail on 13-Dec’12… Hope to have a nice discussion and I…


Welcome to Haskayne Fall'13 thread...
Pls share your application and admit status here...

I submitted my Haskayne application in the first week of Nov and got the admit mail on 13-Dec'12...

Hope to have a nice discussion and I wish good luck to all the applicants


Hi mithun...I applied to the program but did not hear anything from them... when were u interviewed? Did they offer scholarship?

I didn't have an interview, for Haskayne interview is not a requirement and wil b done only if necessary.
Regarding scholarship apart from regular $11500, i was given $5K. I hope you've mentioned abt this in your essay.
when did u apply so i can giv a rough timeline,

hi timithun

what is ur profile and did you gave toefl also ?

@tmithun Hey tmithun,

I am planning to apply to U o Calgary , I am a bit confused between U o Alberta and Calgary, Can you provide some info abt it ?

Also pls share your profile ..

Curriculum-wise i felt Alberta scores above Haskayne. Even the international students at Alberta accounts for roughly 50% whereas at Haskayne its between 15-25%.
Though I'm not an expert to commend, i can share the thought process i had while applying,
One point i can say is that a lot of firms has their headquarters at Calgary. Because of the calgary advantage, jobs/salary are can be better at Haskayne. Even you can compare the employment statistics and participating firms for more clarity. Moreover, you can expect some local bias from the companies since Haskayne has very good reputation in the area.
Finally as per cost to benefit adv (considering good scholshp), i rate Haskayne above Alberta.
My profile: GMAT610, GPA7.94, Workexp - 4ys both in manufacturing and commercial in the Energy sector. Even though, profile is the quantitative factor, overall quality of your application with well articulated essays is very important.
May I know your profile,

@tmithun Hi ,

Thanks a lot for info , even i feel that Haskayne has more job oppurtunities compared to edmonton(U o Alberta) but the U o Alberta has a brand name.

At this point even I am planning to apply to Haskayne rather than Alberta.

Also you mentioned that after schol. the tutuion is less for calgary. Is it ? And please let me know does every international student gets $11500 schol ?

My Profile :

Gmat : 640

BE :70%

Exp : 4.5 yrs in IT while joining MBA program

$11.5k is applicable to all int students.
I heard that Haskayne weighs undergrad GPA more....
Moreover, since you are from IT sector ensure that you've a good application,
Importantly I in some of the previous threads that most of the employers in Calgary prefer people with relevant work exp hence if you are not from energy/oil and gas, it may be diff to get placed initially. However, for applying don't think much, if are interested you can...but my advise is apply asap as adm is on a rolling basis.
Let me know if you want any other clarification

@tmithun : Yes , i am planning to start the application today , i am waiting for a decision from Sauder and have applied to schulich recently, after them i think calgary would be next best option . what say ?

Also i have one more question 😃 , the LORs have a specific format but they need not be hand written right ? and there is no word limit as far as i can see ..

LORs can be typed. Ensure that you do not exceed the space provided. If you exceed while taking print out you'll miss out some portion,
Are you applying to any US colleges?
@tmithun Sent you a PM !
@tmithun are freshers eligible to apply?
Haskayne's avg exp is 6 yrs, generally universities recommend 2 years of work exp,As per Haskayne "Three years of appropriate employment at increasing levels of responsibility is recommended"
However, they may take you if you strong leadership skills and unique accomplishments in addition to very high GMAT. , This is adm perspective,
From job perspective, if you do not have any exp then it is difficult to get placed. So if you can get atleast a couple of years of work exp with a strong profile then you can even get into top ones.
However, if you feel that you are fit for an MBA now then you may apply,


I got an admit from haskayne school of business on 11th jan. Anyone from Mumbai .We can connect.

@rishibans Hey Rishibans,

How much time did it take to get the admit after you submitted the application ? Also were you interviewed..

I submitted my online application yesterday.

Pls share your profile.

Hello everyone,
I know I am too late and a little ignorant about few facts but please help me in applying to Haskayne.
My profile in brief: GMAT: 690
BE in IT with 78%
2.6 years experience in IT and will be 3 years going into the school.
Associated with CRY for past one year
Please tell me about the the fees and the scholarship that we can avail as an international students apart from the regular $11500. What will be the total fees and living expenses in Calgarry?
Thanks in advance.

Hi All

I am not able to make out the career statistics from the University website, did anyone notice it. Have you guys tried to touchbase with any of the current student? Please share if you have relevant information...



Any more admits?

Among those received the admit who all are planning to accept the offer?


Pls find the 2012 placement statistics link here,
seems to be really impressive,
avg sal: $90k considering a investment of around 25L this is a good return,


For more info,