GyanOne MBA Admissions Consultant- 620 on the GMAT and admits to 4 programs with scholarship- My success journey with GyanOne!!

GyanOne MBA Admissions Consultancy Services Review


This testimonial is long due and well- deserved. I reached out to GyanOne in July 2016 for their AppOne process. I was planning on applying to a few of the top MBA programs in India. Though I was extremely late in starting my applications, GyanOne still agreed to help me out even with only two weeks left in the application cycle. However, I could not go through with my graduate studies in 2016 and postponed my application to the following year. In October 2017 I once again reached out to them for help with my applications and thus began my journey with GyanOne. 

One of the things that instantly struck me about their functioning was the individual attention that the team gives you. Even though I reached out a year later, Swati Ma’am remembered the exact details of my candidature. And that kind of interest itself made me sign up for their 2- school package. I used their help to apply to the Fall 2018 MBA programs at the DeGroote School of Business and the John Molson School of Business. I was assigned to Rishabh Sir for the entire process. Having Rishabh Sir as my counsellor was an absolute blessing. In our brainstorming calls I was blown away by the knowledge he had about the Canadian MBA programs and the insights he had about the schools I was applying to. The thorough research he does about your programs helps you craft a well- connected story in terms of how your strengths and profile matches what the program has to offer. He really helps highlight those individual qualities of yours that the school would expect from you as a graduate student.

Another key strength of theirs is their turnaround time. I was impressed by how responsive they were to each of the drafts of my resume and SOP. Besides that, they would patiently respond to the additional queries I had regarding the program in a timely manner. Their quick feedback on every document made sure that I worked on my applications throughout the Christmas holidays 😊 

After submitting my applications and once the interview calls came rolling in, I knew that the next logical step would be to sign up for the interview preparation services. Practicing for the interviews via Skype really helped me get used to the interface for the real interview. Moreover, the interview preps that Swati Ma’am and Rishabh Sir put you through are so detailed and rigorous that the actual interview will be a breeze compared to the practice sessions- which proved to be true in my case! They coach you on what the adcomms are looking for from your applications, how to present yourself, how to structure your responses, and provide tips and sources to read up on to prepare for the final interview.

However, one of the main reasons I wholeheartedly support their services is due to the circumstances that surrounded my application. Since I was applying with my sister, I was in a fix as my sister and I are extremely similar applicants- from our work experience to our GPA’s to our extra- curricular activities to our sectional scores on the GMAT! A few of the programs even reached out and asked us if the same candidate submitted two applications! 😊 Therefore, we were worried that our similarities would affect the diversity factor that an MBA program looks for in their applicants. Thankfully, the strategy adopted by GyanOne in navigating this situation proved useful. Though it took some convincing, we eventually followed their advice of applying on different timelines to each program in order to help the adcomms evaluate each of our applications individually and maximize the chances of both of us securing an admit.

I ended the entire application season by being admitted to 2 more programs in addition to the DeGroote and JMSB MBA’s. And I could not be happier of my journey with them.