guys who have already had their SCMHRD...plz help

hello friends, who have already undergone the SCMHRD GD & interview… please help the others… with what type of questions were asked…the topics for GD, any case studies… & any specific thing…? do we have to carr…

hello friends,
who have already undergone the SCMHRD GD & interview.....
please help the others.......
with what type of questions were asked....the topics for GD, any case studies.....

& any specific thing.....?

do we have to carry a resume also with us...along with the things mentioned in the call letter? of us......


ya i do agree with ankita.. after having a dismal day with negative at iift i hope 4 scmhrd now.. plz help us who all hav egone thru....

is resume essential ? ankita what all has to be covered in that .. meaning can it b the same u post for job apps or this is different...


hi frenz,
i had my gd/pi at chennai and here it goes:
the gd was elimination round so better do it properly
we had 4 gds
1st gd was a military scenario about some terrorists kidnapping a heroine,poisoning the milk supply,and blowing up a dam>>u hav to discuss what to do and how
2nd gd was on water pollution
3rd gd was on what would be ur vision/mission if u were the principal of a college
4th one is the REAL KILLER GD:we were given a numerical problem on wheter a person should lease a warehouse or should buy it,we had to solve that and discuss only on the basis of given numerical data,no faltu talk allowed only hard facts;it involved some funda on EMI so find out how it is calculated if u want
i was the second best speaker in all the gds and managed to clear it along with 4 ppl
interview was cool since i was the last person and the interviewer was in a hurry
it was purely hr and somewhat based on what u filled in a form which was given there b4 the interview
i think my interview went gr8
any more queries feel free to ask me.....

my gd went like this.first by mr.pillai on water pollution second a scenario about thieves and how you would save ppl.third was a finance case study.

check out careerlauncher site for one more sym interview.


hello guys,
i just had my GD/PI on 26 jan. was really stressful.
we had 1 GD & 2 Case studies.

first Case study was about an advertising manager, who has to solve the problem that has arouse between two competetent employees- one the key secretary & the other was a good sales promoter. dont wanna lose anyone & both r threatening to resign. what would u do?

GD was wit the topic of finding the root cause of the religious outbursts that we have seen in the resent times..

the last Case study was about transport company, they had to choose between two buses.... data was given & u had to support yr view with figures...

& then the interview...
it was really cool one.asked just about the hobbies part & what kind of news papers u read...etc.

well hoping for the best ......
best of luck to all......


hi ankita.. congratsss to make it to the PI..

I just have a few doubts which i think u and others who attended the GDs shud b able to solve...

How wud u rate ur performance means.. were u aggressive, mild or what role u played while GD .... how was teh gp and what was the total no. of shortlisted guys and gals from the total.. oops what was teh total aslo.....

mine is on 31st in pune so having hell lot of butterflies...

what piece of guidnace wud u ppl gimme regdg scmhrd as they are shortlisting very few.. plzzzzzzzzz help


a few more ques .. plz ignore my curiosity part...

were gp ppl too agressive and what happened to those got gotta agressive.. i heard that scmhrd panel keeps strict on gd going into a mess... they keep on intefering,....

how was teh responses in case studies and plz lemme know few of teh intv ques asked...



hey all
congrats to kunal& ankita to make it to the PI.
guyz...a few q's...
u were given a form b4 the interview rite?
wut kinda q's were asked in it...
and how many ppl were there on the panel?

let us know...


hi drugballed,
as for the q's on the form
we awere asked some general things like
3 things u do best
5 characteristics that describe u
what u like abt urself
what u want to change abt urself
what would make u happy
and other such q's which i dont remember
q's r such so that the interviewer can dig into ur personality
but the thing is that u hav to answer the q's in 6 mins

hey thx kunal.....


hello friends,

well about the queries about the GD's....

i would say that the guys who were trying to b over smart.were not selected.....
try to b polite in yr talk...& dont speak as if u have been prepared well by a coaching one guy in our group was always talking...that moral values & ethics ...etc....
especially i felt he was over doing it.....

of course they look for these things but if u pretend to b what u r not they will catch ya.

our GD was horrible no one was ready to let others speak...
i was fine...not aggressive at all...not speaking much...just spoke about 3-4 times i GD....
b clear in what u say & say whatever is relevant.... dont start of with my big examples...
yes they will interrupt u whenever they feel the thing is going wayward... not on the right track...

remember dont shout...dont try to dominate either....b friendly.... if u have brought out yr point let others also speak...
& b precise......dont start with too much explanation.....

there were 15 students in our group.....& out of them 7 were shortlisted for interview.
IN our timings there were 3 batches of 15 students each......& out of the 45 students only 17 were shortlisted.

best of luck to guys who still have their interviews & GD's

awrite ankita..
will keep that in mind!
thx a lot

yr welcome........ :)


hi guys

just reviving an old thread

lets gear up for the gd pi process

what u speculate to be the respective cutoffs(if any) for various courses(finance, systems etc).

how to go bout gd pi preparation

SCMHRD ppl kindly throw some light


hi ...
please some one who has experienced the gd/pi process at scmhrd throw some light on wat kind of topics are usually asked for gds.... also wat are we expected to prepare..??????

can ppl who hve got calls frm bangalore meet up & hve gd sessions

got me wondering why ankita who is already admitted post such a query when she is the one supposed to be providing the information. Sudha if u had used the search option u wld have found this thread.;=40&postdays;=0&postorder;=asc&highlight;=

hi everyone
my first post on pagalguy

heard scmhrd people r gender biased!
prefernce to girls
is it true?

dont know much bout scmhrd. well can u share info bout gd/pi topics?.