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Hello Friends , now comes the time to polish your group discussion skills . Even if one hasn’t started preparing it from the beginning one can master it provided he or she is willing to . Let me share one topic which was given to our group . Topic…

Hello Friends , now comes the time to polish your group discussion skills . Even if one hasn't started preparing it from the beginning one can master it provided he or she is willing to . Let me share one topic which was given to our group . Topic was 'War is Peace '. It caught me off guard and i was numb for the first two minutes in which we had to think about the topic. Then suddenly came to my mind the name "Apple". That word was the game changer . I started correlating Apple with war is peace like this.
'We should not see this topic in terms of missiles and bullets there is also a business perspective attached to it ,for example Apple launched various products like i - Pad , i- pod ,i - phone one by one thereby unleashing a war on its competitors and ultimately bringing peace to competition.
Then i correlated Mahatma Gandhi with war is peace like this - Mahatma Gandhi unleashed a war of nonviolence against Britishers and ultimately forced them out of India and thereby bringing peace to whole Indian subcontinent .
So dear friends start correlating the given topic with other things around and once you try it for few times it will become your habbit to see things in whole rather than in isolation . Do try some other correlation for the above topic "War is Peace "
Best of Luck.
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National awards and politics in india.....

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