Hi Guys.....AS you all know the GRE 2016 is not too far away and the clock seems to be moving faster......This is the right time to be equipped with all the ammunitions to attack on GRE.

Verbal Section is more beautiful and more glorious than quant but it can create trouble if you don't have a Sound Vocab.

I invite all the aspirants of GRE to share there problems and views related to ENGLISH VOCABULARY.

Carry out brainstorming Disscussions to CATCH as many WORDS in YOUR BRAIN - BASKET.


Make as many  Sentences as possible using the following words

1. Concoct

2. Recondite

3. Flagitious


Word of the Day - Druthers

Meaning - Opportunity to choose ; one's preference in a matter

People who seek advice from (i)____ often find that what they are told can seem true, because these seekers of information attribute significance to some predictions and ignore others. The mind seeks to make sense of predictions that, in themselves, have no (ii)____ value, and thus it becomes difficult to prove that the forecasts are (iii)____ .

Blank (i)            
A. experts  B. philosophers  C. clairvoyants

Blank (ii)

D. special E. general  F. legal

Blank (iii)

G. genuine  H. specious  I. accurate

A highly intelligent person often thinks (i)____; a few snippets of information can trigger a (ii)____ conclusion that might not stand up to closer, and (iii)____, scrutiny

Blank (i)

A. too deeply B. too warily C. too quickly

Blank (ii)

D. firm    E. labored F. hasty

Blank (iii)

G. slower H. precipitous I. overt

Major philosophical (i)____ about morality, identity and rationality, for example, can often be (ii)____ by thought experiments: short and simple expositions that pose an abstract and complex problem in a concrete manner with all the (iii)____ factors removed.

Blank (i)
A. certitudes B. dilemmas C. dogmas

Blank (ii)
D. mimicked E. illuminated F. evoked

Blank (iii)
G. extraneous H. inherent I. pivotal

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Word of the Day -> Encomiastic

Guess the Meaning.....

does anybody know the website which lets u practice the words in exactly the same order as in Barron's book?


Hi all

I scored 300 in GRE



Is that a good score or not? Can i get a Good or above average University in USA for MS(Electrical & Computer Engg.)on the basis of this score?


I want prepare for GRE 2017-18. I am in Vth sem. Btech Biotechnology. How to proceed?

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 Identify the error :

Mr. Nasheed was one of the opposition leaders the Supreme Court had ordered freed, ruling that the guilty verdicts had been politically influenced. 

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