Got to know about Job-Guarantee Course in Digital Marketing? It is Genuine?

Hi Everyone, I got to know about Job-Guarantee Course in Digital Marketing by a company called “Digital Vidya”. I have never heard of them. Anyone having any idea about it? Here is the link to the course they are offering: http://www.digita

Hi Everyone,

I got to know about Job-Guarantee Course in Digital Marketing by a company called "Digital Vidya". I have never heard of them. Anyone having any idea about it? Here is the link to the course they are offering:

I am looking for such course only. I will visit them in Delhi and will talk to them.

Is Digital marketing a good career option ??

offering placement assistance

Professional Training in Digital Marketing. This will allows you to promote products and services at a lower cost than traditional advertising. You can make good career and earn more money..

Self learning will help you

It is best to learn by your self by watching Youtube videos and applying the princliples on your own blog. You can initially work on free blogs like and Later on you can buy your own domain and test out your learnings by creating your own brand.

Digital MentorClass, Summer batch starts end June 2018 in Delhi NCR. Venues SSIM, Dwarka & International Polytech, South Delhi Campus. Visit SSIM Job Fair on 9th, June to register. The program is in collaboration with MentorAction, an initiative by digital industry professionals.

Start from SEO and website building. Eventually you will come to understand the entire digital ecosystem. Read more:


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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share my personal expereince with you, As I am having 3+ year of working expereince in Digital Marketing field, had already taken 700+ interview and almost reviewed 7000+ Resume while hiring an SEO guy or Digital Marketing Specislist Guy in our office, That time I was too surprised because did not get one profile which has good knowledge in this field after completion of these courses. So I am suggesting you just start learning by own though different available online platform. You can follow this link ( though you can able to download Digital Marketing tutorials as a beginner then after getting some knowledge you can join any digital marketing company and can start your career, After spending time with practical exposure you will learn a lot of thing.

 Star Digital Marketing Expert is an all-inclusive course that is suitable for learners and professionals of all levels and disciplines and will prepare them for a specialised role within the overall marketing domain. It is an advanced digital marketing course for working professionals, business owners and job-seekers, crafted meticulously, covering various modules of digital marketing, wherein they learn about marketing online, bringing targeted traffic to website, generating potential business leads and increasing brand awareness by using various online platforms like search engines, social media, email marketing, online display advertising, mobile marketing, content marketing and much more. 


Your work is very good, and I appreciate you and hopping for some more informative posts

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Job guarantee courses in digital marketing or any other field are often offered by certain educational institutions or training providers as a marketing strategy to attract students. These programs typically promise to provide job placement assistance or guarantee employment upon completion of the course.

It’s essential to approach such claims with caution and thoroughly research the program and the institution offering it before making any decisions. Here are some considerations:

  1. Investigate the Reputation: Research the institution or training provider offering the course. Look for reviews, testimonials, and feedback from past students. Check if the institution has a credible track record in providing quality education and job placements.
  2. Check Accreditation: Ensure that the institution is accredited or recognized by relevant authorities. Accreditation is a mark of quality and adherence to certain standards in education.
  3. Understand the Guarantee Terms: Examine the terms and conditions of the job guarantee. Some programs may have specific criteria that students must meet to be eligible for job placement. Understand what responsibilities both the institution and the student have in the process.
  4. Talk to Alumni: If possible, connect with alumni who have completed the course. They can provide insights into their experiences, the effectiveness of the training, and whether the job guarantee was fulfilled for them.
  5. Research Industry Demand: Look into the current demand for digital marketing skills in the job market. Even with a guarantee, success in securing a job depends on the overall demand for the skills you acquire.
  6. Consider Alternative Options: Explore other reputable digital marketing courses or certifications that may not offer a job guarantee but have a strong reputation for producing well-prepared graduates. These programs may still provide excellent training and networking opportunities.

Remember that no educational institution can guarantee employment in every case, as the job market is influenced by various factors beyond their control. Job placement guarantees are often subject to conditions, and success depends on the efforts of the student as well.

Always be skeptical of programs that make unrealistic promises, and take the time to thoroughly research and consider your options before enrolling in any digital marketing course.