Goa Institute of Management- FINAL CONVERTS 2016-18

This is the official group created by The Students PR Cell for candidates who have converted GIM. They can post all sorts of queries on it. We will keep you updated about all the information about the college till the time you join it.So get started and keep asking !!

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Congratulations final converts!

This is the official thread created by The Student PR Cell for you all.

Post all sorts of queries here. We will be updating you with all the information till the time you join the college.

So get started & keep asking !!

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Can you give some details about the Tuition fee waiver scheme?

Could someone name few companies that come with marketing or brand management profiles ?

Can someone share finance profiles offered by various companies? 

Hi, how good is GIM for HR? And what's the avg salary fresher's can expect?

Anyone eligible for tuition waiver scheme, please comment. We can get an estimated number of candidates.

Who bears the expenses of the exchange programmes and how many students are selected?

Hi guys. Want to know a few details. 1) How far is the campus from the airport and which is the nearest train station? 2) What kind of weather does the campus have through out the year? 3) Are the scholarships only for people through the achievers round/goa graduates or even others with adequate income tax proof of 6 lacs and under? 4) How much will the course cost with non ac accommodation? And how much would average living expenses be ? (Getting extremely conflicting answers on this one ranging from 15lac to 17lac) 5)Also would love to see some pictures of the hostel! (Bathrooms, cupboards - so we know how much we can carry!:P,mess and so on!) 6)How is the food on the campus? Mess and other establishments. Also, how expensive is it? Thank you and Congrats to everyone else who made it!

How is the placement for students with more than 3 years of work experience? 

Minimum cap for placements?

Hello, the mail says that I am eligible for scholarship, and for that I need to pay 5000 Rs. extra. And if I am selected, I will have to pay 1 lac and execute an affidavit. 

May you please state what this affidavit is for?

Hey aspirants,

We request you to please refrain from comparing colleges on this platform. We can address all your queries related to GIM.

Keep asking !

Hey! Just wanted to have an overview about the hostels in order to decide the total fee and loan for the same. I was thinking about taking non ac single attached washroom room. But are these room in a separate hostel building? Because I want to stay in a building where more ppl stay, else it will kind off be isolated. Please help!

Hey! Can you please let me know if the double non ac rooms have attached washrooms? 

I received a mail which says; 

"We are pleased to inform you that you have been placed on the Second Merit List for admission to the two-year full-time Postgraduate Diploma in Management (2016-2018) of our Institute, with a reasonably good chance of securing admission to the programme. 

If you wish to be considered for admission in your turn as and when vacancies arise, please remit Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees one lakh only) by 13 April 2016 towards part payment of the first term fees.

If you choose to withdraw, after making the payment of Rs 1,00,000/- this fee will be refunded at the end of our admission process after deduction of the processing fee."

Is there any link available where we can check the wait-list and what does "reasonably good chance" exactly means. 

Thank you.

guys any idea when the session is going to start ? i can book my travel tickets accordingly ! 

Did anyone get the reply mail from GIM which contains details of payment mode?


After transferring admissions confirmation fee of Rs. 30,000/- , we just have to send a mail containing PAYMENT DETAILS FORM. Right? Do we have to do anything else apart from this?
Or anything else needs to be mentioned in mail ?

Also, what do we write in 'Transaction Narration Captured' field ?

Thank you.