GMAT- What are the books recommended for Beginners?

Hie, I'm planning to take my GMAT test in August. I'm yet to start my preparation.I''m good at Quant and not very good at Verbal& Reasoning. Can you please suggest me good books for beginners? Also, please let me know good institutes at Hyderabad for GMAT coaching.

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Have a very similar situation as yours. I believe Quant is doable but verbal will be tricky. I asked this question on this forum earlier, and an expert recommended Kaplan book + Manhattan book. 

Looks like quite an enormous task to go through multiple books, but currently, this is the feedback I have. If you also get to know of something, then share your feedback.

Am not from Hyderabad and don't know much about coaching institutes there. Sorry.

Manhattan sets and official guides

Does any one have links of free online books for GMAT ?

Does anyone have the soft copy of the following books:

1. Kaplan Verbal Workbook

2. Kaplan Math Workbook

3. Princeton Math workbook

4.  Kaplan 800

5. Official Guide- Verbal Review

Please email it to me at [email protected] in case someone has access to any of the above. Thanks

Complete GMAT Strategy Guide Set (Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides)

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good books for gmat?

guys can someone tell me whether I should take kaplan CATs for Princeton CATs ? 

 Hello I'm deciding to check my GMAT in August. I got from him. I’m still starting to set my pace. It's good at Quant and not very good at Verbal & Reason. Can you recommend me some helping books for newbies? Also, please let me know good schools in Hyderabad for GMAT training. 

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