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Where can i get the powerscore critical reasoning bible in delhi?

Where can i get the powerscore critical reasoning bible in delhi?

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Exposure to certain chemicals commonly used in elementary schools as cleaners or pesticides causes allergic reactions in some children. Elementary school nurses in Renston report that the proportion of schoolchildren sent to them for treatment of allergic reactions to those chemicals has increased significantly over the past ten years. Therefore, either Renston's schoolchildren have been exposed to greater quantities of the chemicals, or they are more sensitive to them than schoolchildren were ten years ago.

Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends?

(A) The number of school nurses employed by Renston's elementary schools has not decreased over the past ten years.

(B) Children who are allergic to the chemicals are no more likely than other children to have allergies to other substances.

(C) Children who have allergic reactions to the chemicals are not more likely to be sent to a school nurse now than they were ten years ago.

(D) The chemicals are not commonly used as cleaners or pesticides in houses and apartment buildings in Renston.

(E) Children attending elementary school do not make up a larger proportion of Renston's population now than they did ten years ago.

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Question No. 35. Which of the following will logically complete the paragraph below?     

 Existentialism is a neo-modern, philosophical construct that a further, authentic set of categories is necessary to grasp human behavior. Approaching existentialism categorically like this may conceal its “heart” i.e. its character of an uprising antithetical to academic philosophy, its anti-system sensibility, its flight from the “iron cage” of reason.

            1. Nevertheless, our quest for a new categorical framework continues apace.

            2. Nevertheless, popular existentialist themes find a renewed philosophical significance in our quest for a new categorical framework.

            3. Nevertheless, popular existentialist themes are a recurrent motif and find an echo in humanistic psychology, too.

            4. Nevertheless, he who has a way to live can bear almost anyhow.


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I already own Powerscore CR's 1st edition, should I buy the second edition too?! Have  there been a lot of changes incorporated or will the 1st edition do? I am aiming for a GMAT score of 750. Advise please!!

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Newspaper editors should not allow reporters to write the  headlines for their own stories. The reason for this is that, while the  headlines that reporters themselves write are often clever, what typically makes  them clever is that they allude to little-known information that is familiar to  the reporter but that never appears explicitly in the story itself.

Which of the following, if true, most strengthens the  argument?

(A) The reporter who writes a story is usually better placed than  the reporters' editor is to judge what the story's most newsworthy features  are.

(B) To write a headline that is clever, a person must have  sufficient understanding of the story that the headline accompanies.

(C) Most reporters rarely bother to find out how other reporters  have written stories and headlines about the same events that they themselves  have covered.

(D) For virtually any story that a reporter writes, there are at  least a few people who know more about the story's subject matter than does the  reporter.

(E) The kind of headlines that newspaper editors want are those  that anyone who has read a reporter's story in its entirety will recognize as  clever. 

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