GMAT takers for April/May 2007

This thread is to discuss GMAT strategies, plan of actions, material guides, score discussions and other offshoot topics… Posts to follow. thanks Vivek

This thread is to discuss GMAT strategies, plan of actions, material guides, score discussions and other offshoot topics....

Posts to follow.



as for me, i have still to buy books and look into preparations. But i am with you guys for sure for april dates. Problem is that i cannot start my preparation atleast for next 3 weeks due to some commitments.

I want to buy some books though now and i need help. I tries solving some maths and verbal questions and found out that i am a bit rusty. its been almost 4 years since i touched them :-P. so can anyone suggest my path (keep in mind that i may need to brush up some fundamentals here and there). I plan to buy following books:

Verbal Workout for the GMAT, 2nd Edition (Graduate Test Prep) - Princeton Review
Kaplan GMAT 800, 2006-2007 (Kaplan Gmat 800)
Kaplan GMAT, 2007 Edition: Premier Program (Kaplan Gmat (Book & CD-Rom)) -
The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review
The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review
Cracking the GMAT with DVD, 2007 Edition (Graduate Test Prep) - Princeton Review
The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 11th Edition

Can anyone help me eliminate out of these or add something essential to the list. right now the list amounts to 125$ :-?

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one more suggestion. While PG is a good forum to get inspired, i also want to start a seperate mail chain with our problems and queries. Let me know if it is a good idea.

Please note that I have been with PG since last 2.5 years now (although my points got deleted somehow) and i am totally loyal to this forum. But i also feel that we shud not and cannot overload this forum with all our basic queries and doubts and should try and solve them ourselves first before posting it here.

So a mail chain can work and if we cannot resolve any problem ourselves then we always have PG experts to help us.

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Vivek : Sure, lets exchange our emails over PM and start the saga!

Thanx vivek. so anyone with comments on my resources?

I need to plan my studies before i start

I hope you mean April/May 2007 so have modified the thread title accordingly.

Locking this thread since it appears you are moving away from this thread.

I didnt get it neo. How are we moving away from this thread?

A forum is to exchange knowledge. if you are going to exchange mails, and come only when you'll get stuck, then you are depriving others of learning something. Keep posting on the thread. you'll get a whole lot more learning from a whole lot of others. I myself am interested in taking the GMAT in 2007 so this thread would have been useful.

It was just a suggestion. I apolozise for this. I should have messaged someone if i wanted to form a study group with him. We will continue to post all our queries here.

That is the sole objective of having this thread. Please do not close the thread and lets join hands together

First of all. I want to compile a resourse list. I have the books posted here and want suggestions. What i also need is a book that will serve as a reference for me if i am stuck ith any concept.

So Neo, if you want to add to the list please do so. Which books have you chosen?

OG 10 and purchased the OG11 online
Manhattan SCG (i know somebody who has the SCG +(CR+RC) and he offered to let me xerox it but i like the way the SCG looks so buying a new one)
Kap800(no CD and last year's version)
Princeton Review(last year)
and a coupla other books which i got fm a friend.

I was told the OG Math and Verbal review isnt really needed as such but that's your call. I've given the CAT thrice and have scored decently each time so those books wouldnt really help me much. I was better off ordering some more tests.

Where do i get Manhattan SCG from? Ofcourse i need second hand and i dont live in india:-(

BTW SCG is Sentence correction guide ..right :-P

If you are in the US, as your location says you are, then it's all the more easier for you. I am having my copy shipped to a friend who's bringing it down for me. I bought mine fm but you can get yours fm a whole host of places. come on man do some Searching!!

I did some search and found that its cheapest in amazon. 17$ there Sentence Correction GMAT Preparation Guide (Manhattan Gmat Prep): Books: Manhattan GMAT Prep

thanks NEO for not locking the thread. And oops for writing 2006 in place of 2007!!


hey, its good that this thread has been started. i am going to take my gmat sometime in march. so this would be of help to all of us.

rohit, the list that uve put up seems to be good enough.

Yeah cool thread.... Even me takin gmat next yr, sometime around april/march 😃

hey thr, dis is my 1st thread n i shud say pagalguy ttly rox...loadsa info...keep it up ppl...
plannin 2 take my gmat early nxt yr, lukn fwd 2 share my thots as well...:bigups:

welcome to the group praveen and sunaina. we all will crack this exam big time. wat say????

ttly nail it dwn