GMAT Takers 2008 - San Jose/ SF Bay Area

Hey Folks, This is Shiva. Am starting this thread to bring together ppl living in the bay area and taking their GMAT in 2008. My exam date is March 24th. It will be cool to meet such ppl or egg each other on towards a decent prep and score :…

Hey Folks,
This is Shiva. Am starting this thread to bring together ppl living in the bay area and taking their GMAT in 2008.
My exam date is March 24th.
It will be cool to meet such ppl or egg each other on towards a decent prep and score :

Hi Shiva,
I am too preparing for GMAT,But planning to give it in Jan itself as I have another exam in June CFA. I stay at Fremont.


Hi Swetha,
So, when exactly are you taking the exam ? Hope it goes well for u!!
Am planning to kickstart my preparation after the newyear's ;)
How long have you been preparing ? And, (if I may ask) what kinda profile do you have and wht MBA programs are you interested in ?
Am thinking only about some 1 year programs and guess that's wht I will go ahead with this year.

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Hi... :)
Phew.. most of it went over my head..hehe...
No, seriously, I'm totally into software, but then, there are things that am getting started with, that definitely need a different line of thinking as well...
Tho during the day am still chipping away as a software developer...
You can reach me at
It wud be interesting to talk to you.
Alright later,

Hi ,
Well it sounds like that ..Nothing so great.Im currently at home now..and studying for my exams.So how are you preparing?I mean which material...and when are you planning to take the exam..
I dont know the right time to calal you , But you can reach em during office hours that is till 5.00 pm on
In case I dont answer it ,

Ok.. Sharing personal E-Mail IDs or Phone numbers is not advisable on PG threads. (and can be risky as well)

Please use PM facility.

Good Call Catapult!
Swetha I have ur contact info though.
You can call me anytime - the number I had given was my mobile no.
Or I will give you a call sometime this week.
Happy New Year to you both!!

Hi mycore,
When is ur G-day.I'm also in bay area and perparing for GMAT


Hi Ajay,
Am taking my exam on March 24th. How about you ?

Hello Everyone!

I just started thinking of giving GMAT & started preparing.I nice to have some people around. So that lot pro active prepartion goes on.Nice to hear form all of you guys.

Banty Jain:grin:

Hi ,
I am giving the exam on the 25th of this month.scores are still not improving..I had strong verbal at the preperation of the exam, but now things have reversed.Hope I be able to make it to 700+..


Dont worry.Keep working. may be this will make you work hard for the last 15 days.

Good Luck
Banty Jain

Hey guys,

I am planning to take the gmat test in the next couple of months. I was also looking for individuals that are interested in forming a study group and tackling it together. I reside in Fremont but am open to travel.

Hey Shams (whatever :)...
That should be cool - am giving my GMAT on March 24th. Am still trying hard to squeeze some study time into my schedule and have tasted very little success.
Why don't you PM me with what you have in mind ?
Maybe, we could work on some stuff together.
Btw, what's your profile?

Swetha good luck !! The books you wanted to borrow never did materialize but I don't think they would make a big diff.


Hello puys,
Its good to see this thread...
I am planning to give GMAT this july /august but still not started any preparation.
I have few queries for which I need all seniors help.....:sleepy:
At present I am working for a IT firm and have six months work experience.
1) Is the time of july/ august ok for me or is it too early to apply for GMAT.?
2) If I apply for fall session at what time will I get admissions in universities?(By what month I will be in US)
3) By the time of july(when I will give GMAT....hope so)I will have one year of experience and most of the top B schools will not accept my score.The work experience is counted by the time of application or when we get admissions in the universities......:sleepy:

4)while giving GMAT we can apply for 5 universities........ If after the GMAT i want to apply for same universities or may be other universities for spring session then what is the procedure?


While I think you should give your GMAT since you are thinking about it and could easily get some momentum going, applying for univs with 1 yr experience rules you out of the really good schools (in most cases)
Maybe another year later would be a good bet, but, depends on what you want out of the MBA.


I live in Sunnyvale.
I am preparing for the GMAT as well.
Shooting for ~700+.
Test date: ~ March/April, 08.

We can meet at a local library after working hours or weekends.

Please email me at [email protected] if you want to get together at Santa Clara or Sunnyvale Library. Thanks.


Hi dude,
I also on the same boat. Trying for the same institute. I am planning to take the test on 3rd march. What is the dead line applyin?