GMAT-Study group Jan/Feb 2013

Hi all I am shruti… i am planning to give GMAT by end of jan’13… And looking for study partners… I m electrical engineer and planning to app next year for batches starting in 2014… :: I have just over a year of experience… ::

Hi all

I am shruti... i am planning to give GMAT by end of jan'13... And looking for study partners... I m electrical engineer and planning to app next year for batches starting in 2014.... I have just over a year of experience....

Hi Shruti I am also contemplating on giving GMAT somewhere in JAN/FEB-13. Which Schools are you targeting?

@shruti.gupta hi,

I am preparing for gmat too.

Can you please let me know if there is any study group?



@akshannad dere is no study group formed yet... but would love to make 1.... :)

Hi... i am also planning to give GMAT next year early.... having 2+ years of experience in IT. Anyone interested in making a group for gmat prep...???

Hi guys,

Okay. Then thats great. Lets create one.

I stay in brookfield area. Lets plan out some study schedule and share the materials.

Please let me know if we can meet over the weekend.


Tarunece and shruti; If you guys are interested to form a group then lets start it from this weekend only.

You guys can pm me your email ids

I m living in Jamshedpur..... I don't think we can meet up but if its possible to create a study group onlyn I m all for it....

I am also preparing for GMAT-DEC12. Include me for this group. ([email protected])


Hi Shruti,

I m also planning for same , are you taking any coaching ????

@bily no... planning to do self study..... what about u??

I have joined My career coaching centre ...........

Which scoreyou are targetting?

Hi Guys,

My name is Arun. I'm also planning to take up the GMAT exam around Jan next year. It would be great if we can form a study group and help each other out.

Hi All,

I was looking at to create group, but i didn't see any option. Can anyone please create if one knows how to do else send link to me. I will create. Please refer my e-mailID [email protected]
I am introducing myself: I am Mohan Paliwal from PUNE Having 5 year IT experience. I have already end-up with BAD GMAT score 2 years back. Now, I am more enthusiastic to crack GMAT, and I believe so I will have very good GMAT score. :)

I have already started Self-preparation. About forming group, it will be really helpful. Please join or mail me ASAP whoever are interested.

Thank you all for reading above.
Mohan :)

Hi guys, I am Siddharth aiming for Gmat in next 1-2 months, would like to join you,

Hello Guys,

I am planning to take GMAT in Dec/Jan. I am looking for OG 11/10 if anybody has pdf please mail me. Also mail me the links to online test if there is any.

[email protected]

Also is there anybody from Mumbai in this group.

@kandarp_82 I sent you Verbal-OG-10-PDF .
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