GMAT Study Group - April 2013

Dear All, This thread is for GMAT aspiring candidates who are interested to write it by Apr / May 2013. I am about to re-commence the GMAT preparation from 26th Oct 2012 onwards and all GMAT aspirants who are interested - stay connected to …

Dear All,

This thread is for GMAT aspiring candidates who are interested to write it by Apr / May 2013. I am about to re-commence the GMAT preparation from 26th Oct 2012 onwards and all GMAT aspirants who are interested - stay connected to this thread!

Purpose: to support the aspirants / solve their doubts / provide the specific and right information about study material and approach / any query "basic or advance " can be asked here.

form the study group - let's commence the wonderful journey - stay focused!

Target B Schools for 2014 intake: IIM's and ISB (for 1 year residential program)

Best regards,


"...but tomorrow never comes"

hey @leonidas.

thanks for starting this thread count me in

Glad to hear from you, Bhavi.

All the best for preparations.

Just to brief you - I shall commence studies with Manhattan SC along with Powerscore CR Bible and will try to finish it off by 2nd week of November. i.e. ~10th Nov. and also try to finish 1-2 chapters of Quant as well.

As Quant is not a big problem, but I am sure concepts to be brush up once again... I feel it will be better if we do atleast 1-2 LR questions in a day. As-usual as it happens with many aspirants, need to concentrate on verbal part more.

Do share your study plans or better suggestions if you have any!

Hey @leonidas.

Thanks for starting this thread. I am also planning to write GMAT, in fact made up my mind to write it. Count me in... Lets START THE AMAZING JOURNEY FOR MBA :)

Cheersssssssssss :)

hi, leonidas i also planning to write GMAT within next three month.

Count me in....too.....will be taking it next year-April, May....perhaps...

As an amatuer...i shall ask what are the basic books to start with...!!!

Sanjay, ik and Devarshi - Thanks for showing your interest!

how you guys are approaching - do share your study plans... if possible we can also form a study group. opinions please.
These days I am in Mumbai.

Hey guys ,

Hi too a mubaikar but currently in bangaluru.
Can any one suggest where to start from ......and if want to join any class so which one is gud?

Hi all,

i am also planning to give GMAT coming April,currently in Bangalore.
Confused with where to join the classes and which books to refer.
Also please suggest strategy you guys are following,i have just started and already feel lost!!

Hey Leonidas... As posted by you , i will be starting with Manhatten SC and SC Grail. I am particularly rusty in Quant so ll be giving ample time to it.

btw i am not planning to write in April/May as i have my other exams in June. So probably after june i will write.

Wish you all the best for preparation.

Hey Guys . I have also made up my mind to write GMAT in April/May.

But i am yet to find out how to finance MBA after clearing GMAT as paying for MBA abroad look a dream to me.

If any one of you guys let me know about scholarship and loan after clearing GMAT woulb be helpful and appreciable . Thank You πŸ˜ƒ

@leonidas. hey
i am still confused where to start from.. do help me with the books and study plan. i dont have much pblm with quant so my main focus in on verbal
rolfraj / bhavi112: Anyways it is better to figure out the areas of improvement at the initial stage – I recommend you to go thru the mock test either from OG / GMAT prep test. Once you are aware of what needs to be improved more, you can set the strategy and start your preps in a much planned manner.

Make sure if you start Manhattan SC / SC Grail / powerscore - you complete it and you have understood the concepts in depth. Discuss your doubts / queries in the forum. Read the lesson learnt from another threads, it will help you to get motivated anyways.

roy1088: I have read in so many forums that in most of the coaching classes - you won't feel the comfort level as they will just make you sit and ask to solve the OG or other handbook problems in front of faculty (expect few). Hence, its better to starts the preps by your own atleast for 2-3 weeks - if it don't work out - you may look for some coaching classes.

Visit / beatthegmat for strategy and pl discuss it further.

Guys, Once you start – just make sure to complete the whole chapter / book. β€œAs it's a general human tendency to resist the change” - hence at the initial state you may find it difficult but once you complete certain chapters / books / topics – you will feel more confident, for sure.

Logical reasoning is not the thing which can be learnt in a short period of time – please devote some time on it as well.

I hope it helps.

@Hex : I completely understand your concern, you have raised a very valid point and also I am sure most of the GMAT aspirants have this concern.
In my opinion, lets focus on the first hurdle i.e. GMAT and obtain a nice score. Financing mba and loan / scholarships will come on later stage. Even in India we have quite a few best institutes - you may also focus on those schools. Thanks,
@leonidas. do you have OG-13 in pdf. if yes please reply,i will send you my e-mail.
@CBZ123 : Sorry dude, I don't have OG-13 so far!

Dear friends....I took GMAT PREP PRACTICE TEST--1 yesterday....and scored 710 ( QA 29c 8w 82%ile, VA 30C 11W 85%ile OA 92%ile)..however a pathetic IR score of 3.0....AWA skipped.....the IR portion is really trickey and interesting......

I have OG 12 and OG 13 and MNHTN SC old edition....just tell me a good sharing site which we can regularly use so that i can upload these files....

Here goes the link for OG12...OG13 and MNHTN SC...old edtn....Cheers

@er.devarshi Thanks Man !!! for share