GMAT Study group 2016 Gurgaon

GMAT study group for all those who want to take GMAT this year.

Hey.. I am also preparing for GMAT rite now... Anyone up for group study?.. Discussing Questions and strategies??

Hi All,

Gave GMAT & got 700 ( Q47, V38 ) last month.

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Hey.. I am also preparing for GMAT rite now... Anyone up for group study?.. 

HI ..... i am looking for a GMAT Study Group in Gurgaon aiming for exam in 2016. ..... If anyone interested to learn and share.....please let me know through e-mail : [email protected] or can share there own thought through comments below. Thanks !

Due to high jet fuel costs, airline carriers are looking for new ways to increase revenues and thereby counteract declining profits. Airline A has proposed increasing the number of passengers that can fit on its airplanes by creating several standing room only “seats” in which passengers would be propped against a padded backboard and held in place with a harness. This proposal, since it relates to passenger safety, cannot be implemented without prior approval by the Federal Aviation Administration. The above statements, if true, indicate that Airline A has made which of the following conclusions?

  • The addition of standing room only “seats” will generate more revenue than the cost of ensuring that these seats meet safety standards.
  • Passenger safety is less important than increasing revenue
  • There are no safer ways in which Airline A can increase revenues
  • The revenue generated by the addition of standing room only “seats” is greater than the current cost of jet fuel
  • The Federal Aviation Administration will approve Airline A’s specific proposal.

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