GMAT Preparation from Scratch

Hi All,

My name is Vishal Nigam. I am currently working at Cisco in Gurgaon. I graduated this year and I want to pursue MBA from any of the top 10 B School of the globe. I want to know how to start and what is all required for the prep. 

>> Do i have to go for Consultancy Services ?

>> Do I have to opt any coaching classes ? If yes..then Which are the best in NCR ?

Thanks for replying



Hi Vishal,

The first step on your GMAT journey should be to take a diagnostic. No one can tell you which coaching or consultancy services you need unless they know where you are starting from!

You can download a full-length test from Sit down, take it, and report your score to get a much better answer to your question. Or, if time is an issue, you can start with a shorter diagnostic quiz, such as the one that starts the course on the prep4gmat app ( ). This will help you determine where you are now and what you need!



Hi Vishal (@oworldbankru). We are a leading institute for MBA preparation in NCR. However, to help you get started, it would ideal for you to speak to our expert coaches.  This will help you resolve all your queries and also help us understand you and your profile better. 

Let us know here or message us to arrange the call. 

We wish you the best. 


 I given my gmat and 300 only.. now I want to preapre again  but I am consufe Which GMAT Classes are best for gmat preperation Live classes or classroom classes. I m retaker. Please suggest. Which gmat live classes are best for me? 


Hey Guys!   

I'm in a bit tight spot... will be postponing the GMAT by couple of months...   I have Kaplan's Test package    1. 5/5 unused full tests 2. Multiple topic prep tests 3. Tutorial vids etc   The package will expire on the 14th of Feb'18. It's been registered at my email id however I will be sharing  the required credentials for access.   I'm willing to give away the same at Rs 599/-, do PM me if anyone wants it.     Warm regards,   Sunith Surendran