GMAT Noida-Delhi Study Group 2013-14

All those staying/working in Noida and targetting for GMAT 2014, feel free to join in…

All those staying/working in Noida and targetting for GMAT 2014, feel free to join in..

GMAT Date & Study Material & Study Plan

Hi guys starting this post so that everyone can put down their GMAT date and the material and plan used to achieve that.

Am planning to give GMAT next year at the time to be eligible for 1st round in ISB.

I have just started so no that much idea which study material is good but am brushing up my concepts first with MGMAT foundation in quant and verbal. Then i will be moving up to OG 13th. This will be teemed up with MGMAT guides and Mangoosh practice. I think i should be able to cover all this in 5-6 months (1-2 hrs daily).

All the material listed above is in digital pdf format.

First Meet @ 14 Oct, Monday, 2000 hrs @Centre Stage Mall @Barista. 😃

First diagnostic Test for Everyone : 16th November.
It will be a good group activity and everyone will get a chance to know where we stand. If possible we can try to group at a place and attempt diagnostic . All suggestions welcomed. 😁

can anyone tell me whether one can get into top 20 colleges such as Harvard, MIT with average acads( in 60s in 10th & 12th) through GMAT? Kindly share whatever info one can. also, wanting to know that since i am targeting to get into a good college in 2014 itself, am i already too late in taking GMAT as i have yet not taken the exam kindly elaborate on the process too as to how to go about it. when is the best chance to apply etc etc.?

Hi, I would be taking GMAT for the first time, later this year. I have a few questions as below:

1. I have heard that we do not have any placements from college and the students have to 'place themselves'! Is it true?

2. Let me know how easy/difficult it is to get yourself placed?

3. Approximately, what is the average fee of a good MBA college in US. Do we also get some scholarships?


i have joined Jamboree, Noida, Sector-62. Batch to start from 19th Jan. Will share feedback, soon

i have joined Jamboree, Noida, Sector-62. Batch to start from 19th Jan. Will share feedback, soon

Hi..For those you, who are interested in taking gmat..check out "Experts Global"..They provide personalized coaching for batches of 10..This includes exhaustive material (finding the right material among the myriad of material out there is the key to cracking the exam) and backup videos for any lectures missed...The whole concept is run by a pagulguy veteran "Maxximus"..

Their inputs on the chances of getting an admit to the top-20 b-schools in the world has helped me a great deal in narrowing down the list of my target schools..

Hi Guys, how is SP Jain's PGDM in Information Management, any thoughts, please share it?

Dear all,

I am moving out of country for sometime and hence i am selling off my GMAT materials.

Anyone who is interested immediately contact me.

GMAT official & Manhattan materials for sale

Manhattan GMAT foundation math strategy 4th Edition

Manhattan GMAT foundation verbal strategy 4th Edition

Online test simulations + 400 practice questions

Official guide GMAT 12th edition

Price - 1800/-

Please contact me at:

Phone: 8447643975

hello everyone,

I just took my GMAT and fortunately got a good enough score that I may not need to take the test again. However, due to poor planning on my part, I have Veritas CATs (6 in total) that I bought but never managed to use. Since, I don't need them now, I'd like to sell them to anyone who might need the practice. The price is 1500 INR.

Anyone interested may please PM me.

Happy studying :)


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