GMAT Coaching in Gurgaon - Looking for most recent feedback.

I am looking to join GMAT coaching in Gurgaon - would greatly appreciate any feedback regarding the coaching institutes. I read some posts on the same topic here, but all feedback was from 2015/early 2016. Would be great if students who attended GMAT coaching in late 2016 or 2017 can leave a feedback - will help get a better/recent picture of the quality of the institutes. 

About me: Have taken GMAT exam twice - studied for it on my own. Scored very poorly - fell short of time both times and was, I guess, penalised heavily for not answering a few questions. Looking for someone who can work with me and help me figure out what I am missing. Thanks. 

P.S: New to pagalguy, so please let me know if this is posted in a wrong thread/group/page. 

Read about all existing posts on the same topic, but all comments are from   2016 or earlier. Would greatly appreciate feedback from students who have attended coaching classes in Gurgaon in recent times (late 2016/2017) - will help get a better/more recent picture of the institutes in Gurgaon. 

About me: Have taken the GMAT exam twice - scored poorly on both occasions. Was short of time both times and was, I guess, penalised heavily for leaving some questions unanswered. Looking for a coaching institute who have a better one-on-one interaction than institutes who enroll 40+ students in one batch. 

Right now leaning towards EduShashtra, as they claim to have smaller batches and more individual attention - any feddback about these guys?

Thank you.