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All, I know AWA is not scored, etc. But why not start a discussion thread to share and critique each others’ awa essays, so that we can all become better writers. Who doesn’t want to start off the GMAT stress free, and warmed up for the mo…

I know AWA is not scored, etc. But why not start a discussion thread to share and critique each others' awa essays, so that we can all become better writers.

Who doesn't want to start off the GMAT stress free, and warmed up for the more important scoring sections?

There are lots of tips in the books that we use for the prep, and I know many who have devoted less time for AWA sections.

But, for the benefit of the not-so-good-writers, or atleast who think they are...a dedicated AWA thread could be helpful.

I will start off, by posting a topic for Analysis of an Issue Essay and my response to it, that I did on one of the practice tests....PLEASE CRITIQUE IT, SCORE IT and pour your thoughts.

"Some people argue that those who do not send their children to public schools should not have to find these schools through taxes, since neither parents nor children benefit from these schools. They ignore the fact that everyone benefits from the strong economy that a well-educated populace generates."
Which arguement do you find more compelling, the case of forcing everyone to fund public schools or the opposing view point? Explain your position using relevant reasons or examples taken from your own experience, observations or reading.


I tool 22 min to write this response during my practice test. 5 min to jot down few pointers and the rest to write, navigate and proof read. Your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, critical opinions, scoring are all welcome !


The scenario discussed here about schools and the analogous taxes involved is quite a intriguing topic. I firmly believe that good schools yield from good citizens who are motivated and provide all the necessary resources - time, money, personal attention and adhering the success and provision of good education to taxes alone is not very well justified.

For example, we can take the scenario of public and private schools in the state of New Jersey. There are many townships in NJ that have fantastic public and private schools. These K12 Blue Ribbon public schools are in certain town limits that have exhorbitant property taxes, and the parents and families living there are ready to make those compromises to provide quality education to their children. By providing these resources, the townships are able to invest into better equipment, conduct competitive events, and extra curricular activites - that result in a widely recognized quality seniors, who going forward are proving to be some of the most competitive and well educated students.

Another example that validates this perspective is, in most states across the country it is widely recognized that students or Indian and Chinese origin contribute towards an increase in mutual competition among students, especially with their mathematics and analytical abilities. It is a well known fact that, the more the competition, the better the quality, and therby the better are the results. When public schools are residing in townships with more concentration of these ethnic groups, the standard of education is increased dramatically, over a period of time. And these groups are ready to make their compromises in the way of life they lead, so as to provide their children with an enriched environment.

One scenario that can be attributed towards the benefit of people who vote against funding the public schools is that, when there is an increase in demand of resources of these public schools, either to support and enrich the ever demanding student community or to compete with the private schools - It usually would result in high property taxes, that the families are left - with no choice - but to comply and live with. This could result in aggravation, unhappiness and thereby could prove to be detrimental towards the development of these students and there by the overall goal of getting highest quality education. Especially in the current economic conditions, where hundreds of families have either one or no income at all, living in these towns with high property taxes could be a daunting experience to hang on to.

In Sum, I definitely support the government to collect higher taxes to fund the public schools, as it would translate into better education and thereby better economy and innovation. Although, education cannot be deemed as the only factor for a rich economy. For the economic conditions of a country to stay on an upward segment - sound investments, sound decision making, good economic and financial policies, less corruption are all equivalently contributing factors, just as education.

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