Sharing info about gmat n the bschools and study

Guys ,anyone in pune interested for gmat 2018 n is interested for group study ?


Hello Guys,

I hope you find this message in best of your spirit. This message for all who aspire to prepare for GMAT through self-study or by joining some study group.

I am planning to make a study group in PUNE. The clear agenda is regular study rather weekly assessment plan. We will plan to dicuss all the concepts involved into those tests will be discussed thoroughly. Whatever concepts you have gathered will be tested and argued to its full extent. Ultimately which will prepare you to the apply those concepts better into your exams.

 PS : We will be focusing more on Verbal section. 

I am highly motivated to start it asap, as I want to be ready with my GMAT score way too early so that I can dedicate most of my time to the application (essays writing). Ideas and road maps are welcomed, looking for few more serious folks who can share the motivation and contribute to disciplined study plan.

We can read books (good books), gather concepts and come together to apply what you have gathered. 

PS: The only motive is to keep up the motivation and enthu. to fetch 750+ in GMAT.