GMAT 2013 Preparation Group-Bangalore

Hi All, This thread is for GMAT 2013 Aspirants , who want to appear for GMAT test in april, may or june 2013 :slight_smile:

Hi All,

This thread is for GMAT 2013 Aspirants , who want to appear for GMAT test in april, may or june 2013 :)

@amrit0208 i am in... will be appearing for GMAT latest by june this year


I am also planning to take GMAT in June this year. I was looking at CAT and GMAT material and felt that GMAT Quant is much easier than CAT? What do you guys feel? is my understanding correct.?

Any idea how many candidates apply for IIMB EPGP last year and how is their selection process??

Vasu.. Quant part is indeed easier in GMAT but the verbal section is very difficult.

Difficulty level of verbal section is substantially higher in GMAT compare to CAT. Eher are you based out of btw?

Hey guys!

M planning on taking the GMAT this May. This should be a nice forum to prepare for it! 馃榿

I live near BTM layout. Any of u guys around? I think starting the preparation with Verbal for GMAT will be a very good idea then.

I am not sure but is exchanging email ids in this forum considered against the PagalGuy rules?


I have decided to self-study for test.

Any good books for Maths (advanced)?. I reviewed Manhattan GMAT math foundation & Kaplan Math workbook online and found they have very basic maths, not sure if it will really help to prepare for test.

How is Kaplan 800?? has anyone gone thru this book? any other good suggestion for advanced Maths?

Also how about Verbal, any good suggestion on books?

can any one tell me that i want daily sms of a new word in english which website can help me for this!!


Can anyone tell me what should be my accuracy in OG 13 (Quant) if I am aiming at 770+ score. It is currently between 85-95% in the last 60 questions of OG 13 (Quant) (since they are supposedly the toughest questions made available to us by GMAC) and I am very disappointed.
Please reply.
@nimi00 @braincrash @tiwariji @vasu12 People ... we can exchange our IDs and phone numbers .. don't think there is any pagalguy rule against it. I would like to start off the prep earnestly ASAP rather than posting random queries.
I'm in for group study. I stay in Koramangala.
I see you guys stay in/around koramangala. How about forming a study group?

Guys please help me with this your explanation as well

The officials in Town X have suggested that the proceeds from the recent benefit concert be used to repave the streets in the downtown area. When this decision is voted upon in the fall, a majority of the town's citizens are expected to approve this allocation of funds. After all, according to a recent survey, most citizens are in favor of improvements that will benefit local merchants.
Which of the following choices is NOT an assumption that is being made by the author?
1)Well-paved streets near local merchants benefit their businesses.
2)The citizens do not feel that the money is better spent on other town improvements.
3)Local merchants have stores in the downtown area.
4)Streets in highly traveled areas need to be repaved periodically.
5)The people recently surveyed accurately represent the opinions of those who will vote on the repaving decision.
@abhinavNUS Not sure if I'm correct, but I'd chuck 1, 2 and 5 first.
coz negating these 3 could negate the conclusion.
not sure amongst 3 and 4.

For those in Bangalore, on April 6th, there's an information session that I came across. It covers:

路Planning for the GMAT

The importance of the GMAT score

路Ideal work experience

路Extra-curricular/Co-curricular activities and Social service

路An idea of competition

路Choosing the right colleges

路Tackling application essays

路Preparing a resume

路Choosing and managing your recommenders

路Engaging with colleges

路Application rounds

路Preparing for an interview

路In-person vs phone vs Skype interviews

路Online B school admissions chats

It is at Mount Carmel College and the charge is INR150 for a 2.5 hour interactive session and would have some impressive list of attendees on the panel.

Here is the link:

The A To Z Of International MBA Applications in Bangalore on 06 April 2013 | No. 58, Mount Carmel College, Palace Road, Vasant Nagar, 560052, Bangalore, Karnataka |

@creeative@Amrit0208 Dude you guys formed the group.. i stay in kormangala and am looking for a group .. please let me know and i would like to connect atleast on fone .. PM'ed you too..

Does anybody know where can i get second hand GMAT books in Bangalore ?

what are the indian b schools under GMAT? and the criterias...kindly help


Anyone wants to start group study in BTM? I am just going to start prep and would need some good advise and study plan. Working in IBM , MTP for past 3 yrs.


Im IIM(Indian IT Male) with 4 years of exp(TCS,Oracle) from B'lore...Planning to prepare for GMAT...Frankly don't have much knowledge on this platform...Im not interested with MS or any-other technical studies though it was my core...From college days had lust for MBA...But my B.Tech percentage was only 68% which degraded my confidence n forced me to choose the job in hand...

Now i need start from ABCD for GMAT preparation...pls tell me some best coaching center in B'lore which can help me better...



Please suggest some good GMAT coaching institute in Bangalore .