GIM(Goa Institute Of Management) GD-PI Experiences 2014-16

Hi All!GIM GD/PI has started today and it’s time to tell your experiences to puys and all of us so that others can understand the process in a better way. * Please follow the below mentioned format for posting experiences: **XAT/CAT/…

Hi All!

GIM GD/PI has started today and it's time to tell your experiences to puys and all of us so that others can understand the process in a better way.

Please follow the below mentioned format for posting experiences:

XAT/CAT/CMAT Percentile -

10th -

12th -

Grads -

Work-Ex -

Batch of Interview -


GD Topic -Experience -PI -

Any other interesting thing -


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28th Feb , 1.30 pm , XIME Bangalore

GD topic - Is MBA losing relevance in the face of free online courses ?

PI - Everything based on the question " Why do u want to do MBA and in which stream ? "

You can drive your interview wherever you want.

GD- Good

PI - Average - I was being too honest.

Overall a very good experience.

XAT/CAT/CMAT Percentile - cat -94.71

10th - 85.6

12th - 75.8

Grads - 75.3 mech

Work-Ex - 9 months , power sector EPC project

Batch of Interview - 1

Process- 28/02 - 8:30

GD Topic - should activist without governance experience enter politics

Experience - below average...couldn't pitch in much

-PI - 3 member panel....2 faculty and one alumni

all they asked quests was abt my profile...took my file before starting the interview and started shooting questions technical question..asked all the typical generic question and made sure to cut me down in all of soon as i started answering "why GIM" the male faculty started shouting BULLSHIT after my first sentence and then the alumni said ab jo sikha ke bheja hai vo to bolne do isko...they took out my marksheets and started asking why less marks in this and idea what to make out of the process

Any other interesting thing -

They gave ample time to complete the WAT portion dont worry on that..just keep ur file in an organized manner...ATB to all

cat 94

10: 86

12 : 88

graduation :73

wrk ex :20mnths

panel 1

process :8 -30

gd : avg

pi : 2 members

the questions wer nothing out of the box.. Went fine until the mid of interview and then it was all over th place..He asked me why mgmt and rejected my reply as lame and unlikely. I was further asked on my achievements which they werent interetsted in lending ear to. And kept on tagging all my answers as null and void. They tried to prove me wrng everywer wen i tried to link my experience to my interest in mba. At a point in tym, when they askd me somethng , I sed i dunno with the view dt, gimme a zero and let me go ! ‚Ź €š😠

i ws wondering.. hw worse cud it get?? i v been thru imt n greatlalkes interviews , but i never faced such a tormentous experience.. this ws highly demoralising.. n they were hell bent on taking us off-th-guard.. i never got a chance to elaborate or explain anyth they wanted to know !! y wudnt they let u speak ?? really?? tak th stress interviews but let th candidate respond ..

XAT Percentile - 84.67

10th -88.48

12th -72.83

Grads -71.2

Work-Ex -18 Months Infy

Batch of Interview -1


GD Topic -Arving kejriwal says i am an anarchist. Should people with no experience be allowed to enter politics.

GD- everyone given 30 seconds to open the GD, i was number 11th. All good points were made. So gone case. Was sitting in the corner, whenever i wanted to make a point i was not given an opportunity, didnt want to interrupt cos panelist said we will get 0 if we cut someone when they are speaking. gave 2 points that's it, Since i was the last to open, was asked to close all of a sudden well before 15 minute time, bit the dust again! Bad GD. 😠

Experience -PI - First few questions were okay. About acads, then though it is very easy to summarize..

1. Your any or everything doesn't matter. splat

2. Your answers are irrelevant to the question being asked.

Any other interesting thing - Puys, i have screwed my chances, but read this carefully 10 times.. remain calm. no matter what remain calm, smile and answer! Be polite always, dont get frustrated. They will do everything possible to get you out of your comfort zone and trash you around like what hulk does to loki in Avengers. Do not give in. Stay calm and smile. I repeat stay calm and smile. In my panel they asked others news from namibia or uganda. You are not supposed to know this, this is okay. BUT STAY CALM! 😃

CAT - 99.66%
XAT - 78%
CMAT AIR - 689
10th - 89.83%
12th - 88.8%
Grads - B. Tech (Mech) 6.47/10... % conversion nhi poochha
Work Ex - 20 months in Grasim Industries Ltd.
Batch - 1:30 pm... Mumbai

Process - No registration of any kind. You just wait in the room until you are called for GD. Attendance call hota hai proper.

GD/WAT - 12 of us... 2 of them... Topic - Is MBA losing relevance in the face of free online courses?
First 1 minute to think, nxt 30 seconds for intro to each. Intro of the topic, not yourself. 10 minutes discussion followed by 30 seconds conclusion statement... WAT topic was the same... Given 5 minutes to write 200 words in three paras...
Exp - Ultimate blunder... Spoke a decent intro... Gave a pretty decent conclusion... In between, spoke nothing... NOTHING AT ALL... It was like nothing was coming in my mind... Wrote a decent enough essay...

Interview - Same panel... I ll refer both as PI because it doesn't matter anyway...
PI - Why didn't u speak at the GD?
Me - The ultimate idiotic answer - I am an 'INTROVERT'...
PI - Then u shouldn't be doing MBA... U should go for astrology or something... Seriously speaking...
Me - 😲...
PI - Where do you work?
Me - ABG...
PI - You got 99% in CAT!!! What are you doing here man? You should be in IIMA!!!
Me - Sir didn't get the call...
PI - Where did u get the call from?
Me - C and K...
PI - I am not getting it... You have 99 % in CAT, u r working in such a reputed company, and u didn't speak in GD... Samajh mein nhi aaya yaar (Exact words, in Hindi).. How did you get a job in ABG? Does your father know someone in the company?
Me- No Sir... There is even a clause which states such recruitment won't be encouraged... I got through Campus Placement...
PI - Tab bola kyu nhi yaar GD mein? Khana nhi khaya? GF se jhagda?
Me - (Nothing to say...)
PI - Is this GDPI a practice session for you? For the final game in IIMC? Enjoy karne aaye ho?
Me - Sir I have just got the call for interview... Final admission call depends on many factors... Colleges also consider school and graduation marks...
PI - Achha do you read anything? What do you read?
Me - Sir Science fiction novels mainly...
PI - Authors?
Me - Stephen King, Robin Cook...
PI - What does your father do?
Me - Told
PI - How much are you going to spend in MBA?
Me - 30 lakhs approx
PI - Do you think it's worth it? U r good enough academically... U have a job jiske liye log marte hai (Again, exact words).. Is it worth it?
Me - Sir in my company, career growth is very slow... I want to speed up my career.... I can't wait for 5 years to become an Assistant Manager (Some gyaan)...
PI - Ok you can go...

Merely 5 minutes, instead of grilling everyone for 15 minutes... They looked disappointed enough... Kuch chance lagta nhi hai... Yaar kya farak padta hai C aur K se call aaya to... Chala to nhi gya na udhar??? Sab k sab isi pe grill karte rehte hai... Aur kuch koi poochhta hi nhi... Aaj to sach mein frustrate ho gya hu...

Dear Aspirants,

We are glad to release our interim placement report, 2014 for you:

GIM continues to have its placement record stay steady.

XAT/CAT/CMAT Percentile - cat 93

10th -90

12th -90

Grads -71

Work-Ex -15 months

Batch of Interview -1.30pm (iift delhi)

Process-gd wat pi

GD Topic -

Is MBA losing relevance in the face of free online courses? it was a good gd..everyone speaks and we reached to conclusion..was able to speaks 4-5 times and put some good points

Experience -PI -it was a surprise factor..they jst asked abt my family background and what all other calls i have..nothing wrk ex no why mba..totally confused.. 😞

Any other interesting thing -duration of my pi was not more thn 2 mins...

Do we need to carry a black pen for something ?

@Ambitiousgal12 @davidwatson1212 @avinashkrjha Looking into last year GD PI thread and this year's as well , one question that is asked to all candidates was what other calls they have ? it would be really helpful if you let us know what the panelists are exactly looking from this question. is it okay to let them know all the calls i have and say why gim is special or better not to talk about other calls . your experiences will be helpful 😃 thanks in advance 😃

please tell me what all details did we fill in the application form....pleaseeee

I have my intrvw tomorrow...but havn't prepared my resume yet....guys do we need to carry resume? or any personal data form?

Someone please post some experiences. The forum for what it was initiated isn't getting the desired posts. Please do post. Thanks

XAT/CAT/CMAT Percentile -93.78 CAT , XAT 86.81

10th - 78.20

12th - 73.20

Grads - 69.47 Btech E.C.E

Work-Ex - 30 Months , ERP Consulting , Wipro

Batch of Interview - Delhi , YMCA - 1.30 P.M - 1/03/14

Process- PGDM

We were introduced to the the Director and few other faculty members and an Alumnus of GIM . They attended to any questions that the aspirants had and then all were divided into panels .

I was given PANEL 1 . Director of the institute (D) and one male faculty (F) .
GD Topic : Twitter , SMS , t20 - is the world moving at a faster pace ?

opening statements made - 30 secs , Discussion - 10 mins , Closing statements - 30 secs .
Our group had 8/9 participants , went alright , i chipped in 3/4 times .

WAT on same topic , time given 5-6 mins .

Experience -PI - I was the last in the panel but was called at 2nd itself . I was surprised and said ,

" But sir i am the last one " .
The moment i entered D said that it is the prerogative of the panel to call anyone at any time 😁
I said yes and he asked me to introduce myself .
Then asked why MBA , i said career growth ,. he went on to discuss how the current and Last CEO's of my co. are and were not MBA'S . I told him something and he seemed satisfied .

F told D that he find me boring , this was done intentionally on part of F to unsettle me p . D told me to tell a joke or a funny instance : I was not expecting this , still i told an instance . they were not amused . 😞

Finally D asked me my scores and which other calls , i told IMT-G first pref , 2nd GIM .

Then he asked any ques for us ?
I asked about scholarships . He told and it was over 😃 .

Any other interesting thing - D told me not to discuss my exp. with anyone outside the batch and go off straight 😁 .

So based on this exp , i am amused .Keeping fingers crossed to get a First list convert with scholarship 😃

ATB to everyone .

Request all people who are done with their GD/PI to post their experiences whenever they are free , many of the aspirants here are waiting for the same.
To the other aspirants having queries about the process itself , please ask the same on GD/PI discussions thread .

atb 😃

XAT Percentile - 97.43

10th - 91.6

12th - 82

Grads - 77

Work-Ex - None

Batch of Interview - SD College, Chandigarh, 1.30 pm slot


GD Topic - Twitter, SMS, T20 - is the world moving at a faster pace?

A pleasant gd, reached a consesus (too soon, i guess :P)

Experience -PI -

Was the first one to be called in.

Panel consisted of two males. One was A G Balasubramanian, the other was Hemant Kumar Padhiari (just looked them up in GIM faculty).

The panel was pleasant. Standard questions asked - family background, why mba, any specialization, a little about the current affairs pertaining to electronics (i am a B.E. in ECE). That's it.

All the best, people! 😃

CAT Percentile -96.36

10th -84

12th -70

Grads -75

Work-Ex -1 year

Batch of Interview -XIME BANGALORE 8:30 AM

Process : PGDM

GD Topic - GM crops do they help in better yield and are they answer for India's hunger problem. GD was average spoke 3-4 times but the topic was such that the same points were being repeated again and again ,

PI: Basic why MBA , which specialization, why should we select you and about extra curricular activities was asked.was done in 10 minutes but for some of them in my panel it lasted for nearly half n hour.Don't know what to make of it.

That's it Guys

All the best😃

when can we expect the results?

Attached my gd-pi experience, couldn't paste it here from the doc.

ATB guys! 😃

@nhvenky here it is buddy 😃