Georgia Terry (2008) applications and Interview

Hi all, Has any one applied to Georgia Terry. I had applied to this college in first round.

Hi all,
Has any one applied to Georgia Terry. I had applied to this college in first round.

Yes. I had applied in Round 1.. Just finished my tel interview on the 14th Dec, it was a casual conversation. awaiting results..

Hi guys ! please keep in posting i have also applied for Terry First round....
I have been told to wait since Webex system is not in place..has anybody else got same sort of replies.....Guys pleas keep in touch thro' this forum ..please post the latest information .....


i too received a similar mail. what is ur profile gotousa

G: 700/24/WE 3/BE/International exposure 8 months (2 countries)

What up at ur side ......where else u have applied ..

same profile

700/3.2 yrs exp(20 mnths international).

Hi Pinky,
Hey have you heard anything from them ....

what other colleges you have planned .......

And where do u work ...IT 😃

Hi guys

I am a One Year MBA applicant to Terry.My profile
GMAT 660
B.Com M.Com
Two and a half years international work experience Family business


Any body who has already undegone interview ..Please put some light ..

Hi Guys,

I had applied for R2. Its been 3 weeks since. Havent heard anythin from the school !!!:sleepy:

not a very exciting phase of the it ??

Any news on your appl gtousa and pinky ?? Pls shr the latest development !!


Could you share your profile pls Abhi?

GMAT:730 ( 40 V, 49 Q, 4.5 AWA)
32 months of Exp in IT as a Developer
Extra Cur:Good

Pls shr your profile too !!!

oops....m sorry of asking the already stated question....pinky:shocked:

But I am sure you can add a lil more info to your profile above...:smile:

2 nd round deadline?

i thought it has rolling basis and the first deadline was jan 15 !!

please correct me if im wrong

Yes the appl are processed on a rolling basis.

FYI: R1 --> Nov 2
R2 --> Jan 15

Guys I am sure we are not as busy as the thread looks...:!:


could u pls share ur profile?

what else do you want to know :-). I am a female thats the only thing.. thats the only thing lacking in my profile.
Where else are u applying. I am sure with a 730 you have applied to many top ranked schools

I think that was obvious from ur profile name...wasnt it ? ;-)

moreover its always great to see diversity around....Hell I am sounding like a true MBA aspirant now...:smile:

On a more serious note I havent applied to a lot many schools...I must admit I was a tad lazy...Have applied to Wisconsin-Madison and Tippie

Where else have you applied ?

Hi Guys,
I have applied for R1.

Pinky and prasad have you heard anything for interview and interview results respectively..

Its getting late i guess ...when they will interview,give results for R1 and when they will start interview for R2.

anyone got call from interview or admit ?. ia applied close to 4 wks no communication yet ;-(