Georgetown University 2009 Applicants : McDonough School

Hi folks, Didn’t see any recent threads for Georgetown University applicants for Fall 2009, so starting this one. Please feel free to share your inputs on the program as well as your progress in the application process. Thanks, Anish

Hi folks,

Didn't see any recent threads for Georgetown University applicants for Fall 2009, so starting this one.

Please feel free to share your inputs on the program as well as your progress in the application process.


Hey guys,

Hasn't anyone applied to Georgetown this year?

Hi Anish,
I did apply. Any idea when they will roll out the interview invites (if selected) ?


Hi Anish & Other Puys,
I got an interview invite from McDonough. Its in New Delhi. Any one else with any updates ?

But the cost looks too roof top 😞 , 65k per year according to the site. Please correct me if i am wrong along with options of how to finance this ?


Hey hi Eternal Runner,

Gud to see someone interested in Georgetown finally. I have also submitted my application but I don't think that I will have to interview cos I did so in September when they visited Bangalore. The interview was with Melissa Terrio. She is a very cool person....

I kno the cost is too high... she advised me that its best not to be hopeful for a scholarship... was pretty dejected abt tht... but still having hopes....
the location Washington DC is awesome... thts wat attracted me to this college....

let me know if u need any pointers on the interview process....

Hey, can u tell me some of the questions they asked in the interview ? At the moment, i am feeling dejected looking at the fees 😞 65 lacs is just tooooo much. Anyways, pls help me with the interview questions yaar.


Hey the interview questions were quite standard.... why MBA, why MBA now, goals and area of interest for the MBA, experiences in team work, why an MBA from the US rather than any other place in the world (this was unexpected), hobbies etc...

I work for ANZ, an Australian bank, and she knew it very well having lived in Melbourne herself for quite some time.... we discussed abt my international exposure thru ANZ.... again we shared a common passion... Lord of the Rings... we discussed it for quite some time

It was completely conversational... though she was noting down everything i said.... i asked her abt the wine club (being a fan of wine myself) :)and abt scholarships which she said were difficult.... but then i hada score of 710 and then gave GMAT again and now have 740 so lets see if anything's improved... i asked her abt the scenario for finance guys and she said it will b better by the time we pass out but it is rather bleak for current batches....

It lasted for arnd 30 mins... very cool and frndly... nothing to be worried at all.... so are u travelling to new delhi for the interview? or are u at present in delhi? is this an alum interview or is sum1 from the adcom coming?

all the best for ur interview....

Thanks Anish. One question though -- the website says interview is compulsary for all. Now, can i consider myself as crossing the first stage of the application (the essays and stuff) or this is just they want an interview with everyone ?


I'm not very sure if having an interview means crossing the first stage. In fact I think they do not have a first and a second stage. I think so because I had my interview even bfore submitting the application. I was told that "with this discussion you have completed the requirement of the interview. Now all that remains is for us to see the rest of your application." I think this means they look at all things equally and do not filter out people for the interview. I also think this is so bcos fewer ppl apply to this school as is evident on this forum too...

Hi , anish are you the same person who worked in SBI project in the loans team ?

Hey Pratik, yes same person here.... well the world is really a small place huh? so have you applied/planning to apply to Georgetown too?

Ya Anish, u nailed it , world is really a small place, I have already submitted my app to GT and have an interview scheduled next week. Would like to speak to u regd ur interview .. pls mail me ur phn no on [email protected]

Pratik, I ve sent you my number... feel free to call me... glad to help...


What all documents have to be send via post .
We just need to send the hard copies of the university transcripts and the Degree ..right? or am I missing anythng else?


hi guys

got waitlisted at georgetown


Hey guys , got admitted to GT , with 60K $ schols ....

My profile , indian male IT gmat 720 work ex 4 years by the time I join ...

Hi structured.1983

congrats man....60K schol is huge....

Thanks sid, all the best to R2 applicants

Hello guys?

Anyone decided to study at GT?