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Posthumously padma vibhusan 2015?

India is a member of which foreign organization

The defence exercise 'drad sankalp ' was conducted by which force

  • Jointly by all forces
  • Indian navy
  • Indian army
  • Indian airforce

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Afghanistan became 164 the member of WTO

Apurvi chandela has qualified for Rio Olympics i n which sports?

  • Badminton
  • Shooting
  • Weightlifting

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Which Sikh guru was beheaded by Aurangzeb?

  • Govind singh
  • Tegh bahadur
  • Arjun dev

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Indian coast guard recently commissioned Samarth ,it is a

  • Nuclear powered submarine
  • Aircraft carrier
  • Torpedo recovery vessel
  • Offshore patrol vessel

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Narmada nidhi is a newly developed breed of disease resistant---

  • Goat
  • Chicken
  • Cow
  • Buffalo

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