gen category 10 % reservation ews

gen category 10 % reservation ews

hello there !!! who knew something abt ews 10 % reservation kindly share info about it and who have doubts too do join the group ?  it's all greek to me  

anyone applied in ews category for the recent notifications?

how many of u get the ews certificate ?

did anyone get the ews certificate?

anyone applied recent exam under ews category?

anyone applied lic aao under "ews category"? did they ask for the certificate number or anything regarding it?

Can someone help me with a doubt, if i apply through EWS for CAT exam and for example an institute has 100 seats, out of which 90 is unreserved totally and 10 for EWS, so will i be competing for those 10 reserved seats for EWS or can still compete for those 90 unreserved merit based seats as well, as chances of converting would be higher in case where there's 90 seats, kindly help please