GE-WAT/PI preparation for SNAP 2014

Hello puys, after the declaration of the results for SNAP '14, i hope we need to buckle ourselves up for the second phase of the SNAP i.e. preparing for WAT/PI.

Here we will keep posting the helpful WAT topics and PI tips which will be helpful !! Congrats every1 !!

Congrats puys, for scoring good in SNAP !! Now let us buckle up for the next phase of the preparation i.e. WAT/PI !! 

We would be posting helpful topics for WAT and PI tips !! Hope it can be of some help !! 😃

Guys what all topics are asked in WAT any clue?

Hello puys, pls post ur score and percentile so that every1 in this discussion gets to know where they stand and what collgs they can xpect to get a call frm !! 😃

sm1 pls put expected cutoffs ... not likt TIME/CL prediction  :P

2nd round in SCMHRD and SIBM-Pune ?

GD/PI or PI/WAT ? Do reply.

Score 89.25.  Percentile 97.15 ; )

Just had a quick discussion with my city's Time Center Owner, She was also saying the same, there will be a slightly lower overall cutoffs than last year.

Percentile range?

  • <90
  • 93.5+ - 95
  • 95+ - 96.5
  • 96.5+ - 98
  • 98+
  • 90+ - 93.5

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I have applied to SIBM-Pune,SCHMRD,SIIB,SIBM-B

What can I expect? 

Do they consider only Snap or acads and work ex is also considered for calling?? 

82 score, 94 %tile.Did I make a mistake by not applying to SIBM P&B and SCMHRD ?.If I clear the cutoffs, I am going to kill myself.....

Snap: 81.8 percentile

10th: 75.46 12th: 67.17 grad(BE):60 Workex :40 months(counting)

do i stand a chance for SIOM this year ?

any chance for clearing sibm, pune cutoff at a percentile of 97.5058?

How to prepare for GE-PI-WAT? Do we concentrate on current topics? What do they ask in PI? Is it grilling and difficult? Seniors please help... 😃

Hi Folks,

Couple of questions

1. Is the group exercise process there or will there be only PI/WAT??

2. Will the selection process be carried out only at Pune or other locations such as Bangalore and Noida as well if we get a call from  SIBM-Pune??

Hello puys, as per the feedbacks in pagalguy, a petition has been filed against SIBM to re-evaluate the VA section, so pls sign in if u really support it..


Can anyone please help ?

Snap: 77.3 percentile (score:65)

10th: 94.1 % 12th: 93.2 % grad(B.TECH):84.8 % Work exp :51 months (counting) I have a chance to get call from SIOM Nashik?

Thanks in advance.

99.5 percentile but didnot apply for sibm pune...any chance or a way out to reapply?

98.4796 percentile,  score 94. Applied to sibm-p, scmhrd only. Any chance of getting a call. Please help.

what is this GE(group exercise) process?