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I got shortlisted for new IIMs 2018-2020 academic year , I still got my WAT-PI to get pass through ,

Could someone help me to build my resume ?!

Hello guys I want help from u people please help me in this case as soon as possible, first let me tell you my acads and percentile so u can bettter understand my caseĀ 

10th- 75%

12th- 67%

B.E - 83%

CAT - 88%ile (OBC)

i have got calls from new iims (9 iims) so i have gone through some mock P.I's but one question that is hindering my GDPI preparation and i am not able to give a satisfying answer to which is, AS you are having an amazing acads in engg then you are going for a MBA instead of doing something related to engg? PLEASE HELP ME OUT GUYS AS I AM HAVING MY INTERVIEW IN 4 DAYS..