GD/PI/WAT helpline cum discussion thread for BIM, Trichy (2013-2015)

Dear All, Welcome to the GD/PI/WAT helpline thread for BIM, Trichy. The thread will also serve the purpose of shortlist discussions once the GD/PI shortlist is announced. It is our attempt that apart from BIM, Trichy the thread helps all t…

Dear All,

Welcome to the GD/PI/WAT helpline thread for BIM, Trichy. The thread will also serve the purpose of shortlist discussions once the GD/PI shortlist is announced. It is our attempt that apart from BIM, Trichy the thread helps all the applicants for various other b-schools too.

Topics related to current issues will be put forth open for discussions along with topics put forth for WAT practice and any queries which the candidate has with reference to preparation of GD/PI/WAT will be addressed to the best extent possible.

I will keep posting the links and current issues which will be of help to all the applicants in this thread from multiple sources. I hope the thread is useful for the applicants and they leverage it at its maximum.

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Hello friends. We will start this thread with the first topic for WAT. You can write your submission in not more than 250 words. The topic will remain open for 2 days after which all the entries will be summarized and a new topic for GD will be opened up.

The first topic is : Corruption v/s Conscience : The common man's dilemma
@sunwinderpal I have one question..i mean its not really related to the thread...but plz care to the BIM placement is mentioned 118 student were eligible for the placement..i mean batch size is 120..den wat wz exactly the eligibility criteria..
@himanshu89 I have sent you the PM, please check. I request all the applicants to post their queries at the mentioned thread. We will not be closing the previous thread till GD/PI shortlist is out and use this thread for all the GD/PI/WAT preparation purposes as it will keep the thread clean.

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Will BIM have WAT?

@rul We had last year. So, it will be better if you are prepared. Moreover, it will be helpful for other b-schools too. Awaiting your submission for the topic :)
@sunwinderpal wen is the tentative dates for GD/PI list to be out !!

In India, as we are brought up right from our childhood, we see education as a means to earn and not learn. That too for the educated class only, leave alone the illiterate people. Being educated, we are supposed to have a better mindset, and conscience. But as said, money and power corrupt people. Conscience takes a backseat when people see money. After all, who doesn't want any extra top-up?

For most corrupted people, it's not a fight between conscience and corruption where the corruption wins hands-down, but it's simply that because conscience doesn't even put up a fight. And that's because our judiciary has been so openly assisting the corrupted people to move scotfree. Most people know that what they are doing is wrong, but then they also know that there's no one to monitor them. Thus- who'll come to know? Nothing will happen if I grab this chance. Afterall, most of the times, in corruption, both parties remain at profit. If it's a win-win situation for both the giver and taker, who's conscience to butt in?
The social evils prevailing in our society can be identified as the bottlenecks for overall prosperity and economic stability. It is a fact that the social evils like child labour, dowry system, corruption and drug addiction are colossal impediments. Corruption is one of the social evils.
The purpose of education now-a-days is not to serve ailing humanity but to achieve material gains; to get an academic degree, is to display social prestige. In reality, the aim of education is to uphold the ethics, and to dedicate for the cause of others.This education provides a person the ability to distinguish between good and bad (Conscience).
But, when the purpose of education is changed conscience is diminished. The people involving in the activities that deviate from being ideal (Corruption) have their conscience killed by their act. In addition the weak judiciary system kills the conscience and spread the corruption as a disease.
Remaining honest is a remedy for the corruption disease. But to trigger it, strong judicial laws should be enforced against corruption. The way education is looked upon should be changed. The business running over education should be stopped and everyone should be given good an quality education.
There is no denying that corruption is the biggest problem that the society is facing now-a-days. We can never say that people involve in corruption without knowing that it is wrong. But the thing that confounds me is - Would they at least have a moral dilemma before indulging in corruption?

While the answer is NO for most cases, the problem is with the mindset of the people. Education gives knowledge to people. But, it cannot teach ethics to people. Most people view at education as a tool to acquire knowledge, knowledge as a tool to acquire power and power as a tool to earn money, either legally or through corrupt ways.

Some may be in the dilemma whether to accept the bribe or not. That too only for the first few times. After that it becomes so normal to them that they even forget corruption is wrong. For many others, corruption is just normal and become a part of their lives. Their conscience is no where near in confronting their wrong doing.

@Bibhu2109 @dharaniaras90 @tamarai Very well written. The topic will remain open till tomorrow. On 15th morning I will summarize and close this topic and start a new topic for GD.
We live in a world that is tainted with corruption in every corner. All of us are guilty in one way or the other for entertaining someone's interests for the sake of getting work done. An ordinary man cannot acquire a driving license or for that matter, even a death certificate without trudging upon the crooked path. Conscience, were it there, lies silent and buried despite the wrong doings. A common man is conscious of what he is doing – when he gives or accepts a bribe. But someone who preaches high moral ethics and refrains from being corrupt is looked upon as 'inept' or 'lacking practicality'.

The need of the hour to curb such shameless breach of virtues would be to have stronger laws and a justice system which punishes the guilty through fair trial quickly. We also need an education system which teaches the younger generation the art of living, rather than one that encourages nothing but memorizing by rote. When the guilty are prosecuted righteously – irrespective of the position and status they hold in the society, the number of instances of corruption will fall drastically. And that is when the voice of one's conscience will regain its just throne of supremacy.
Corruption has increased rampantly especially in India. We have seen a lot of instances of corruption where the Perpetrators include members of Legislative,Executive,Press and even Judiciary. Can't one perform the duties without taking or giving corruption.

You could have came into that position by Spending lot of money and hard work. So you may not control your greed for money and might have suppressed your conscience. Those who are involved in corruption are never away from the punishment and their reputation will be at stake. The one who followed the conscience is the winner in the long process. As a saying goes-"When money comes to you fast, it leaves you even faster". Corruption gives you temporary happiness but following conscience gives you happiness for ever. Corruption gives you money but following conscience gives you good-will. Corruption gives you guilt in your heart but following conscience gives you peace and Joy in your heart. Remember, Corruption is not just taking money but taking the money which is meant for the Poor and Oppressed in the society. By corruption it doesn't take you forward but takes India backward. On the other hand, Conscience takes you forward and also India forward which is a Win-Win situation where as Corruption is a Lose-Lose situation. In the wake of these facts, the decision was left to you whether you choose Corruption or Conscience.

Corruption that is so widely occurring has become a part of the everyday structure of society. People need not be wicked or evil, but desire to live a good and lavishing life, they need a lot more money than what they officially get. Corruption is bad but people are involved in it. Their subconscious mind tells them that this is bad, they should not be involved in it but other part of mind tends them to be because they ain't satisfied with the money which they are officially paid, and this become habit also.

Everyone is painted vile, the one who pay and also the one who take it. The politicians, businessmen, bureaucrats, media and, even the judiciary are part of it. It seems the whole nation has lost character suddenly. But no. Infact, no one has really tried to link corruption with something all Indians hold very dear and that is our democracy. We love our democracy and have reason to be proud of it. Now we must realize that corruption is wrong and should figure out a way to tackle it. Once we find a way then there will be no dilemma.

Corruption is not a means, it is an end. There is no point in further vilifying and denigrating corruption. Corruption doesn't even deserve any more such 'plaudits'. It isn't a new malaise of our society. Corruption has reared its ugly head, since time immemorial. Resources, recognition, power that comes easily has always been man's greatest weakness. Starting right from cave men to today's technocrats, everyone has dabbled in corruption in some capacity or the other. Its the extent that matters. No one is perfect, no one is a Saint. But that realisation doesn't give us the freedom to be a Devil. Its a matter of choice. Everyone has a conscience, its only a question of whether we listen to it or not. Conscience is abstract, it is that little voice at the back of our mind that guides when we are tempted to stray. Some just get immune to it.
Sometimes, raising our voices isn't wise, in the wake of the environment we live in. But if we all do our bit, by not indulging in corruption ourselves per se, it counts. I believe, that atleast 1 billion out of 1.2, can go the right way, and if they do, it will make a difference. Education is enlightenment. Knowledge is power, from power comes freedom. India is like a dormant volcano, ready to blow, and when it does, God help those that stand in the path of its fury. Corruption isn't incurable, it €™s just deeply rooted. The power lies with the masses, how they use it, will determine the future of the nation.

There are three broad categories of people-Those who have ethics and practice it strictly, Those who do not have any kind of ethics at all, and those who have ethics but do not practice it because they fear of several consequences that may result had they practiced it. While 1st category is very rare, proportion of second and third category vary from country to country.With the current corruption scandals shaking the country one by one it is seems like ethics has no value and conscience is lost in India which ranks 96 in Corruption Perception Index 2012.

In India most of the people in authority argue that being part of the system they have to work according to the system and if someone goes against he's awarded with a transfer or bad feed back and subsequently replaced by a corrupt peer.So conscience is defeated by fear of losing comfort zone. This happens because majority of the people at the top fall into second category. Current scandal of I.A.S. Ashok Khemka is an example of this. Most of the time it os the common man whose job is at danger so even after being conscientious he has no option but to plunge into corruption and that is the dilemma of a common man.

Dear Friends,

All of you have been very articulate and crisp in presentation of the topic along with adherence to word limit. Kudoss!!!!

One suggestion I would like to give is try incorporating quotes in WAT as that will be of great impact. For instance, in this topic one can start with a quote that €œI will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet. €? by Mahatma Gandhi and then relate the same with how a common man is mired with so as to say conscience paralysis. A stupid common man or to say the Aam Aadmi has been cornered to either accept corruption or be destroyed in it's eradication. Though, not all is lost. Common is now not so common and he has started to raise his voice for the right, just and clean administration. Though the effect of the medicine is minuscule compared to the disease, still the treatment has stared and its upto the common man to emerge victorious in this fight of ethics and evil.

Some good websites for quotes, which will be helpful for you.

All the participants have thrown up very relevant points and all of these add new dimension to the discourse.

With this, the topic stands closed. I will release the topic for GD today.

Stay tuned

@sunwinderpal Thank you sir, for the sites. And succinctly put thoughts

Dear All,

Here comes the topic for GD. We all are aware that about a decade ago the power of US was beyond any iota of doubt. Infact, who can forget the famous quote that "If USA sneezes, the whole world catches cold".

So the topic is : With rise of Asian and other EU countries on the world stage, has USA lost its dominating status today.

Kindly put forth your arguments either for the topic or against the topic substantiating them with facts and examples and avoid being ambivalent. The topic will remain open for discussion till 17th night after which we will again go for another topic for WAT.

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