GD/PI preparation thread for Season 2011-13 (SC/ST/PH candidates)

Hi puys, I am opening this thread for the sole purpose of GD/PI preparation for SC/ST/PH candidates.I have absolutely no intention/bias against candidates from other categories. This thread’s purpose is GD/PI preparation from a general pers…

Hi puys,

I am opening this thread for the sole purpose of GD/PI preparation for SC/ST/PH candidates.I have absolutely no intention/bias against candidates from other categories. This thread's purpose is GD/PI preparation from a general perspective & from the reserved candidates' perspective as well. Topics will be discussed on a regular basis.

Everyone on PG is welcome to join the discussions.

Important links to read up on (Will be updated frequently)...

  1. 2007 bankruptcy-lehman etc
  2. why lehman collapsed
  3. GEs bankruptcy
  4. Americas largest bankruptcy
  5. satyam fiasco: complete coverage
  6. IPL fiasco's correlation with satyam scandal..!
  7. india vs china
Thanks to Surya28041986 for the above links and his impetus to kick-start this thread. Thanks bro. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Hope this thread helps candidates convert those dream calls.

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  3. No personal attacks even if someone is wrong, do it amicably (as you would in a GD)
  4. Let us discuss each topic to death (at least for 1-2 days) before posting new topics

All the best everyone!!

Satish 😃
Here is my view on "Commonwealth games and its impact on Indian Sports"...
From the time, we have heard the commonwealth games will be held in India, corruption and mismanagement became an integral part for the event. Whereas the CWG was to be expected to be a platform to promote sports in the country, it became a platform of corrupt politicians, extravagant activities and politics. One may argue that this multicultural and multisport event will transform India from only Cricket Oriented nation to Multisport nation, but can it be true without proper planning and regulation in place? We had Asian Games around three decades ago which had promoted India as a powerful nation, but not Indian sport. It is still in the dark age. We have commissions for all activities, even for corruption, but surprisingly no planning commission for sports. NCERT urged for physical education as an integral part of education, but we are still oblivious and like to believe education and sports as two exclusive events. Girls are allowed to cherish the fight of Sania or Sonia, but the parents prefer their girl to be a dancing charm or singer but not to be a sport person. There is no initiative from government or from private sectors (except cricket) to promote sports in the country. Arranging commonwealth games is not the answer, but we need proper sports initiative, planning and effort to promote sports in the country, which can uphold the status of the nation.
PS-Puys, please share your views, not a one liner..but 4-5 reasonable sentence, also put healthy argument. We may discuss 2 topics a day(suggestions welcome).
Some imp. TIPS for the GD prep...!!! : Group Discussion Definition, GD Tips, GD Topics
India's Biggest Scams -
India's Top 10 Scams | Drishtikone
  1. Important topics according to me -
  2. 2g Scam
  3. CWG scam
  4. Adarsh Scam (Ashok Chavan)
  5. Wikileaks- Julian assange a prophet or a devil or a gr8 journalist who is changing everybody's persperctive...!!!
  6. IPL
  7. Vedanta-Cairn Deal
  8. Telangana - smaller states in India
  9. India-China relations
  10. Commonwealth games - a hit or only to benefit Kalmadi nd Co.
  11. Ajmal Kasab(2008 mumbai attacks) - why is he still alive..!!!
  12. INIDAN ECONOMY...!!!
  13. Congress losing its grip over the Rural India/aam aadmi..??
  14. Zuckerberg(facebook) - Times person of the year - is he worth it after cheating his fellow owners...!!!
  15. Binayak Sen getting a Life Imprisonment ...!!!
  16. CWG a platform for India to become a Sporting Heavyweight ??

Will list out the other Imp. topics nd give the links too..!!!

All can search the WIKIPEDIA to get some info as well :-P

ATB guys....!!!

thanks to SURYA nd SATRISHA for starting this Thread to all ... !!! :cheerio:
THESE r some Abstract articles which i got 4m time

A World without Planes

Ever since the first flight took to the skies, airplanes have revolutionized travel by shrinking time taken to move between places. What would happen if all planes disappeared? Imagine a world without planes.
Posted on: 12/1/2011 Labels: Abstract, Miscellaneous, Technology
Whither Microfinance?

The recent expose of the unsavory scandal involving Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus, global pioneer in microfinance and founder of Grameen Bank, has brought to the fore the vulnerability of a system centered around an individual.

Also, read here about a new law enacted by the state of Andhra Pradesh in India that threatens the very future of microfinance in India.
Posted on: 6/1/2011 Labels: Economy, Business, Public Policy, Individual Economy, Abstract, India, Asia
The Thin Good-Bad Line

What is good? What is bad? Is bad always bad? When does bad become good? Since the dawn of civilization, these questions have troubled mankind. As they say, there is a thin line between good and bad.
Posted on: 6/1/2011 Labels: Miscellaneous, Abstract
Khap Panchayats: Extra-judicial & extra-constitutional?

The recent surge in dictats of Khap panchayats and honour killings is threatening to turn into an ugly pow-wow between all involved. Here's a take by eminent advocate, Pinky Anand.
Posted on: 18/5/2010 Labels: India, Social Issues, Abstract, Democracy, Rural Development
V. Anand: World's Envy, India's Pride

Viswanathan Anand has won the World Chess Championship, for a record fourth time. Arguably India's greatest sporting hero, Anand has is the indisputed world champion in all three formats of the game.

Here are two edits that celebrate Anand's latest glorious victory.

The Telegraph
The Hindu
Posted on: 13/5/2010 Labels: India, Sport, Entertainment, Leadership, Abstract
The Truth about Narco Tests

The Supreme Court of India has lambasted narco tests as illegal and a violation of personal freedom. Here's a link-fest on important articles on the controversial issue.

The Telegraph India
The Hindustan Times
The Indian Express
Posted on: 6/5/2010 Labels: Democracy, Abstract, Miscellaneous, Politics, Defence, Security, Technology, Terrorism

Hey puys...where are you ppl????????? no activity!!!!!plz come up...

Hey i have got 81%ile in CAT, 98 in verbal, 59 in quant, 42 in LR, can u tell me any suitable forms i should apply, which are still available.

erkumar007 Says
Hey i have got 81%ile in CAT, 98 in verbal, 59 in quant, 42 in LR, can u tell me any suitable forms i should apply, which are still available.

Wrong thread to put ur queries buddy. Kindly go to this thread for ur queries

Kindly restrict your discussions to gd/pi prep here

Some of the topics(GD/Essay) which were given last yr were(IIFT):-

=> Domestic Animals are Man's Best Friends
=> Strategies to tackle food security in India
=> Discuss the impact of free trade on economic development of developing countries.
=>Role of public private partnership in economic growth of India

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Editorial from The Hindu dated 10th Jan 2011

The dark side of Globalisation

couldn't find it in the website

@ Barreto

I do agree with your views but I have a different opinion in this case. Corruption, loss of money, faulty structures, defamation & Suresh Kalmadi became so much a talking point in regard to CWG that we overlook what India is going to achieve, & at the end of the games achieved. Many of our little known sportspersons got the stage to showcase their talent in front of their home crowd who supported them all the way through. India won a total of 101 medals with an awesome number of 38 golds to stand 2nd in the ranking & it cant be a fluke. Though the ill matters related to CWG must be dealt with rigorously and these sportspersons must get much better facilities at the development stages but our success at CWG very well justified the logic behind hosting such events. In my view CWG had a real positive impact on our 'other than cricket' sports.

@ everyone
come on guys, post something here whenever you have time to carry the discussion forward, all it takes is 5-10minutes but believe me it will do wonders on D-day of ur gds......I know whatever I have written is not well structured & must be lacking something, but i think with continuous participation, I will definitely overcome my shortcomings( & the same applies for everyone)

hey puys,
i just came upon an article .. (Aug edition) ... i usually compile them so as to keep them handy (can't just dig into those newspapers again n again :lookround:)
m posting it here, hoping it might help any way.. and yeah, additional infos are always welcome :cheerio::cheerio:

HOT TODAY, NOT TOMORROW: (IT is recovering from a bad patch, but it may not be the best option anymore)

Theres a problem with running after the flavor of the time: whats hot now can cool off quite easily.

The flavor in demand in the job arenas in India, and many other countries, has been IT. It has also been a good deal for the Indian IT employees who were sent for the onsite projects (not to mention the pros associated with it).

The other advantage IT in India had was that the benchmarks set were by firms like TCS, Infosys and Wipro. There was a time when Infosys and Google were well-known for the perks they provided. Of course, much of this disappeared when the recession stroke.

IT has been through a bad patch, but it is recovering.

In the US, after falling from over 4 million (at the end of 200 to around 3.8 million (in end-2009), the IT employment index has risen to 3.86 million (in June 2010). The index, compiled by the TechServe Alliance, is the number of IT jobs offered.

There is inadequate data on the Indian market; but things are changing.

In May 2010, Monster (job portal) launched an Indian employment index (this takes online data from Oct 2009), according to which the IT sector is experiencing bullish hiring and is now up by 21%.

In June, the Naukri Job Speak Index (started in Feb 2010) reported growing market optimism and a vibrant employment scenario.

The ITES (IT enabled Services) sector registered a growth of 25% in June 10, over the May 10 index, says Naukri. IT (software), on the other hand, has actually fallen 0.8% though IT (hardware) is up by 22%.

In the West, IT is no longer the best place to aim for. A Royal Society study in the UK has found that school children are increasingly being turned off by it. A recent report says that the number of students studying computing has fallen sharply across the UK (57% fall between 2001 to 2009).

In India, the anecdotal evidence from campuses is that IT is losing its charm in the reputed institutes. Finance has made a comeback. When times are hard, IT can be dispensed with; but u can never do without money.

Hey Pyus,

Do IIFT has seprate GD's of SC,ST ,General,OBC category candidates ??

Or we hav to compete seprately widin category ?

Hey Pyus,

Do IIFT has seprate GD's of SC,ST ,General,OBC category candidates ??

Or we hav to compete seprately widin category ?

wrong thread buddy ..
all college related infos to be discussed here

all d best :cheerio:

another one from the Aug edition :

ANAEMIC INCREASE IN JOBS : Despite some growth in the US private sector, vacancies seem to be limited

With the US recovery hanging in the balance, private employers added 71,000 jobs in July (more compared to 31,000 in June), but below the consensus forecast of 90,000. The unemployment rate stayed steady at 9.5%.

The country lost 2,21,000 jobs in the month of June; where as in July, the count was 1,43,000.

The figures confirm that the US economy slowed in the spring, and the Department of Labors monthly statistical snapshot of hiring showed a stall in the hiring during the summers, as the employers failed to add jobs at the rate they were earlier this year.

With some economists predicting a comeback of the recession, and the political stakes for the Obama administration rising by as the mid-term elections come closer, the recent unemployment report renewed the pressure on the law makers to take steps so as to bolster the economy. The recent indicators focusing on consumer confidence, retail sales and housing appear to hold the economy.

In July, the chain stores reported a slow increase in sales, whereas the unemployment claims rose above the level usual for this stage of recovery.

On the positive side, auto sales increased by 5.1% in July compared to last year, although from a very low base.

For now, companies appear nervous about expanding their payrolls.

Businesses just dont want to hire.

Workers are too costly and its very easy to substitute technology for labor.

With the corporate earnings rising partly on the back of cost-cutting, employers are reluctant to give up profits.
State government employment fell by 10,000 in July and the local governments lost 38,000 jobs as agencies came under the budget pressure. Manufacturing, which had been a bright spot in hiring, added another 36,000 jobs in July.

The overall unemployment rate remained unchanged at 16.5%.

For the 14.6 million people currently looking for a job, the reluctance to hire seems to be much bigger than the economic growth.

As an American I didnt believe we would see times as this.

Is there any sectional cutoff for sibm pune
as i got OA 97 but got only 11 in VA

Is there any sectional cutoff for sibm pune
as i got OA 97 but got only 11 in VA

Buddy, Fisrt of all this aint a thread to discuss abt the Exams nd their results..
this is the thread we are maintaining for such discussions..!!!

Secondly, Yup SNAP doenst hve any sectional cut-off's
U can now concentrate on ur GD/PI prep....!!!!

ATB :cheerio:
@ Barreto, Cricfreak

The commonwealth games, as they said was the MOST HYPED event to take up INDIA into the sporting world scenario as an emergent power...!!!
But it was later transformed into a shameful symbol of corruption.
Ya i do agree tht India was plced 2nd in the rankings table wid a good performance in most of the games wid 38 golds...but it was because of the reason tht many of the athletes from other countries didnt even attend the CWG...!!!
Look at the Infra, look at the roads, look at the rooms provided for the athletes...many of the athletes took aback their decision to participate in the CWG...!!!
there was even a joke abt the CWG accomodation - Even the terrorists are backing out of their planned attack on the CWG village coz of the unlivable conditions nd fear for THEIR safety...!!!!

Now coming onto the corruption charges on the CWG...there was a Rs.30,000Cr allocation of funds from the Govt towards the CWG out of which atleast Rs.4000Cr have come under the scanner in corruption charges..!!!
Now, India being a Devoloping Country it cudnot afford to invest such big amount of money in such events...!!!
abt 40% of people still live under the BPL in India...if those funds where better used in the LIFTING up of those BPL population, India wud hve been placed in the GDP list...!!!
The Helium Balloon used in the inaugural func of the CWG best symbolically represents of how the FUNDS where used ... Gone into the AIR...!!!
And being publicly known tht Mr. Kalmadi nd Co. where solely responsible for all this mess created...why arent they not being arrested under those charges...Even when we arrest a thief who has stolen a 1000Rs from us why arent these people who have Scammed a lot of money aint arrested ??
Answers simple - "Power creates the Corrupt, Power protects the Corrupt"
Weak enforcement of the laws gives such an advantage to all those Leaders, Politicians, Beaurocrats nd all...!!!

Coming back to the point of bringing other games into Limelight in India along wid Cricket...
Cricket is a game which is the favourite in India..!!!!
It has gr8 following nd so there are sponsors for it nd a lot of money flows in..!!!
well its not the same case for others...even the National Game Hockey had to literally beg for sponsors...!!!!
And even the Govt funds given are not used properly...!!!
The scenario is best shown in the Movie "CHAK-DE INDIA"..but its only a movie and there's no SRK for the Womens Hockey team to coach them...As a matter of Fact Indian Women's Hockey has had its experience of Sec scandals and all...!!!!
These all points create an impact over the parents mindsets so tht they wont encourage their own children to go on to find their passion into the Sporting world...!!!!

Transparency is very needed everywhere in INDIA...Every sector of public life is immune to corruption...!!!
Corruption has become AIDS for India...
India is placed at a rank of 87 in the worlds most corrupted countries...!!!
nd i dont see it doing better in the near future...if not going even worser..!!!

Guys this seems like an essay better off than a GD but i wanted to include all my views :lookround:
The language must also be sought after even the exclamation marks too :oops:


My take on CWG topic...

Come Out and Play. Oh!! well we realy did play. That to very well by which we reached our career best medal tally in the history of CWG. So did it impact our indian sports? a very good question to be asked but when we mean Indian Sports the only picture comes to our mind is Cricket. It won't be wrong to say that Cricket flows from bloods of Indians. Newspaper, Media, Sports Channel give lot of their publications space dedicated to Cricket.
So where are other sports? Well they do exists but outskirts of Indian mentality. In fact it is quite natural for every coutnry where very few sports are popular. For eg: Football is most popular sports in the world. But unlike India they to emphasize on other sports as well. For eg: the USA has invented lot of sports like Baseball, American Football and people are crazy equally for them. The UK,a football crazy nation, organizes prestigious Wimbledon tennis event. Whereas in India for lot of high profile people even doubted that whether or not India should host such an expensive event where there are large no. of people Below Poverty Line.
World's third largest event in terms of country participation is bound to be expensive. It is because of ineligible organizing and corruption that overall cost has surpassed in thousands of crores.
But there are many advantages for hosting such a mega sports event. It boosts travel industry growth, it creates jobs and it challenges monopoly of one particular sports.
India have youngest people in the world. It would be really wise if Indian government thinks in broader perspective for sports revolution since not everybody can be good in getting good education and white collar job. Sports diversification would help India to trap young talent and guide them to be successful in their future. But this should be done with proper planning. Government will have to work at grass root level. Developing different kinds of sports stadium, providing professional training, providing scholarships. China's exorbitant medal tally of Olympics is because of governments intervention and proper planning with enough funds. Media is vital for spreading sports news since it creates awareness and interest among general public.
India being a developing country will take some time to reach the likes of the US, the UK but we are on right track. By organizing CWG, future bidding for Olympics, first F1 race in 2012, IPL and spin-offs Natinal Hockey League, National Basketball League - one day we would be having multiple of likes of Kartikeyan, Paes-Bhupathi, Saina Nehwal and Tendulkar!

Puys, my first ever try on something like this :lookround:..pleas pour in your thoughts..
Criticism most welcome :!!