Let's have this as a platform for discussing the previous years topics of GD/PI and the scenario at SIMS.... Hope everyone following this group would learn a lot... Please share all your views

Guys, Any one with previous year experience or present students of SIMS... We request you to share a brief insight about the GDPI process at SIMS.... 

I request all the followers of this thread to introduce themselves with academics and background, So that we can interact with each other in more friendly manner... Start commenting on this discussion

Does sims have group tasks or gd's?

What's the fees for open category? What's the average placement package for someone with less than a year work-ex? Where would SIMS stand among SITM,SIOM,SIIB,SIBM-Brngaluru ?

Hello Guys,

I request you all to let everyone know the slot you have booked for GD/PI at SIMS... please mention slot time and date too...


Anyone going to book a slot for GD/PI... I recommend booking it on 6 or 7 only because if you are aiming at any other colleges too... then it will be problem if the dates clash as all the colleges would have on those days only between 12-20 feb.... THINK TWICE

Are there different snap cutt offs for defence and non defence persons?

Hi Everyone, Any suggestions on how one should prepare for group exercise, wat and pi? Any link or coaching centre's material that one would recommend ?

Is there only PI-WAT or GE as well ?

How are you guys preparing for GE? Do we have SIMS seniors here ?

Anyone from Hyderabad Qualified for SIMS...???

Hi, I have received a call for GD/PI. I am not from defense category and as per your website we need to get recommendation letter from a company for civilians to get admission. So please confirm if process has changed from this year... And also please let me know what is the intake for civilians.

Anyone from Delhi going for gdpi 

Anyone from Chennai shortlisted for SIMS and booked slot on 7th February, kindly ping here..will be nice to have company for the travel 😃

Anyone from guwahati got shortlisted. Booked a slot on 14 feb. It would beNice to have a company

Whatsapp group created for Sims gepi...comment your number if interested

Hello! I have received a call for the GD/PI process at SIMS. Since I am not from the defense category, I was wondering what documents do I need to carry on the day of the interview (6th Feb) in terms of work exp recos, etc? Any leads provided would be appreciated. Thanks. 

how to confirm that slot has been booked???

i have clicked on the session on which i need to appear but have not recieved confirmational  mail  yet .

  i am little worried about it.

Hi guys, can anybody please direct me to discussion page of executive MBA weekday batches course.