hey guys, gave my gd/pi yesterday(17th) :grin: ,. well u all will not believe this, :: out of 16 only 4 turned up. :: that means, such a cool gd, meaning no one was cutting, my first ever gd experience in which i was not t…

hey guys,

gave my gd/pi yesterday(17th) 😁 ,.

well u all will not believe this,
out of 16 only 4 turned up.

that means, such a cool gd, meaning no one was cutting, my first ever gd experience in which i was not trying to cut any one but waiting even after some one is finished.
it was really cool.

3 guys, 1 gal.
one guy was having call from 4 IIMs, one gal had already converted FORE, other was MS in IT and one left was SAJAL.

we 4 were analysed by 8 faculty members.

then in the int, it was general and acads.
got over in around 20min.

well, university is really cool, i mean u will keep walking and still will not be able to see the end.


gud yaar lucky lad u r 4 out of 16.. acha sajju.. can u tell us all ur gd topic. nd if ne idea u have regarding what kinda technical acads questions were being asked? r u from comp background or ne other? also yaar if u get ne new stuff on gd /pi at ubs do post it i have mine on 26th some time to go he guys nd gals do post ur exp there it wud b of gr8 help.
thanx mate

hey cool indian, its a case study there and a unique case too. till now i have faced cases where in the end, it was asked what should so n so person do, but in UBS case, the person affected alredy realised the solution. NOW WAT TO DO.

in int, i was asked abt the intel chips, from what they are made, what is inside.
as i have a GATE score card, they asked why not MTECH.
also a 2 min speech on current indian team when i said i m a state level player.
some ques in chess.

not much grilling in acads basically.
all the best for ubs.


8 faculty members for 4 candidates?! Man,thats something! What are they trying to do- write a thesis??

hey guys,

plzzz post ur xperiences . Dat'll help a lot others.

sajju can we have details abt ur percentile and work ex .. acads ?

hey sajju. or ne1 else who has had their gd/pi at ubs.. can u tell me how long is it taking to get over with one batch? mine is on 26th 12:30 ne idea till wat time i can b free so dat i can make arrangements for returning back to delhi
and ne1 else who has had their gd/pi post ur experiences

one of my frnd also had his gd at 12:30 but it started at bout 1:30 nd he was free at around 3:30.
So, by latest u'll be free by 4. So, u can arrange it accordingly.

thanx jass.. wen is urs gd/pi..? and ne other info from ur frends bout the kind of gd/pi there? sajju said in his post only 4 out of 16 appeared.. ne ways 16 r too much.. is it general trend there that around 10 students appear or that was one off situation?

i hv my gd on 18th . Still a long time to go.
Nd by d way , all 16 of his batch turned up. But u need not worry bout it as u'll get 15 mins to note down ur pts nd 15 mins to speak. Also, since its a case study , u'll hv ample amount of time to speak.
So chill nd relax.
Dont worry nd all d best.

aragorn Says
sajju can we have details abt ur percentile and work ex .. acads ?

my CAT %ile r 93.2 with 96 DI, 91 QA n 80 VA.
0 work x.
only thing in my side was i m state level chess and cricket player.


hey deepak,
How was ur gd buddy?????

Here is my GD PI exp.

As you go there, a person would check the details you filled on the form and would ask for the photcopies of your certificates. If you don't get the photocopies, they would help you in getting them.

After the verfication, you will have a presentation from UBS seniors and the QA session.

After you would move for a case. You would be given a case and there would be question asked. You would have to think about it and discuss. In my case we had a conversation between some Foreman and a Supervisor of a firm. GD would be about 15 minutes. 10 minutes for reading and 15 minutes for discussing.

There are about 5-6 people in the panel. The same panel takes GD and PI.

PI would be short and sweet and they would ask about your projects if you are an It guy and your views on India Shining if you are commerce guys. You can expect thorough grilling on your projects. Like I did testing and they asked me everything from Black Box n White Box to RDBMS.

But if you CAT %ile is 95+, rest assured you are in. The weightage of CAT score is 85% as told by the UBS senior off the record when I showed him my CAT Score Card with 97 on it.

Cheers and PM me if you need anything else.

hey roomies.. sorry for the late post. had my gd/pi on 24th. went great i have a 99% thats shud see me thru. i m jus keepin ma fingers croissed. the question is where would u place ubs. are we all jus takin it cuz we have nowhere else to go!..
i am in a dilemna. whether to take admin here or go for work ex. fresher from DU BBS. talke to the seniors they said if u can run around dor everythin ,.., take UBS.. otherwise if u think u havent given ur best shot to cat (which i havent) then dont take it ..
the campus is cool. and so is the faculty. i also know quite a few passouts from UBs doin decemtly well..
i repeat ma questin .. shall i talk it ?? presumin i m in

Hi Pawan,

Dunno how mant pawans are there @ CBS but I konw one whos a bit fat (not as fat as me ;)) and from what I hve heard bout him, he is a REAL bond chap. He joined IMS CP. If you are the same pawan, I would say go for your naukri and take CAT again next year and give it your best shot.

Jut think if you've got 99 without preparing well, you can do wonders if you do well and wveryone konws the reputation of CBS among the MBA institues so it would also help you next year.

Cheers !!!!

P.S.: If you are the pawan "BOND" form IMS CP, You don't know me.

hey guys,

when is the last day of gd/pi at UBS.


hey guys,

when is the last day of gd/pi at UBS.


Can you believe it, its 25th MAY. (YES MAY, this is NOT a typo error. It is MAY)

Result expected on 7th JUNE. This is what the people there told and also this was written outside the UBS admin dept.

Thankz a lot for posting ur experiences.
It'll b of gr8 help to ppl like me who still have deir gd.

Hey vere r u DEEPAK??????????????

hi saurabh !

its really weird u know me!! Bond??? hahahahah whateva ,,. u anyways wud have to tell me how do u know me!! and why havent i seen u when u have seen me ???

that spinned me off, anyway thanks for ur advice and i think u know me well .. flattery does get me in :wink:
and yeah i m waitin for ur response !!! saurabh
all the very best for ur interview..

PS your profile ????