GATE Mechanical Doubt Questions

To spread the knowledge. If anyone is having doubt/trouble in particular concept/question then he/she can post the quarries here.

Anyone who is having doubts/troubles in a question may post it over here. I'll try to solve it ASAP if I could. Other members also can solve the same voluntarily.

plz tell abt interview of npcil?

Third law of thermodynamics? 

Somebody solve this with explaination. Thanks

If 20 kJ are added to a Carnot cycle at a temperature of 100°C and 15 kJ are rejected at 0°C, the location of absolute zero (in °C) on the celsius scale is ? Pls join this group. Which help peoples who studies alone . Simply click on url people can join this channel


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Substance is flowing in a pipe of 200 mm inside dia at an avg velocity of 3m/s. At a given section of the pipeline the pressure is 1.5MN/m^2 absolute. What is the flow work of 0.5 cubic meter,expressed in joules passing this section ?            Guys please tell the formula to be used.

devlop the

 equation for the amount of fuel injected per cycle in terms of brake horse power and speed of a four stroke CI engine.