Group to share information about gate 2019 and PSU applications and exams like ISRO DRDO etc.

What will be the Organizing Institute of GATE 2019?

  • IIT Madras
  • IIT Delhi

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Which online test series wil be best for GATE 2019?

  • The GATE Academy
  • Gate Forum
  • Made Easy
  • ACE

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Which author's book is best for Computer Organization and Architechture for GATE 2019 ?

does anyone has idea about the salaries in olf iits for mtech ? any excel sheet ?

Here is the Official Announcement

MTNL will be recruiting next year ????

Can any one send the output of this program

Gate CSE 2019 Ravindra Babu's videos for sale.

Let me know if someone needs them 

I have ravindra Babu's course and I'm not using. 

Wouls someone like to purchase? 

Guys what is the best college to do Mtech from correspondonce? P.S. : I do not have any idea of the correspondonce way.

Can anyone tell me when psu application start for cs/it gate 2019?


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Please anyone tell me if Gateforum is good for gate cs?? Please help

Any one can solve this question

Try this question

Guys, check the analysis of GATE 2019 exam.

NVS northeast recruitment 

Guys , how good is M.Tech in Data Science from NMIMS

  • MS in USA
  • M.Tech in Data Science from NMIMS

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