Gate 2018 Chemical

Doubts, Discussion, from the fellow aspirants

Can anyone plz answer this gate 2017 question no 36

Can anyone please solve 2007 gate question number 47?

what is the last rank of an SC student got offer in iitb in first round through gate 2018

Request to pmo
Sir gold garland was a sweet gesture but employment to gate aspirants would be sweetest
This is a request from all the engineers who work hard to get good ranks in gate to get employed in psu but however fail to get in top 100 or so we get frustrated not because our ranks are low but because we have to again study for an year ...but talking about the psu that recruit the amount of seat they release for engineers are enough so that good amount of engineers could be recruited ...but what they do is not systematic as around all of them call for interview starting from the top 1 rank and hence the top rankers get selected for more than one psu and they cover seats in other psu which could be filled by other low rankers for example ongc and iocl they recruit simultaneously and top rankers get selected in both after that they join ongc due to which seats remains vacant in iocl as in 2k17 around 60 seats remain vacant which we think they should fill by provision of waiting lists which they dont do hence 60 seats get wasted kindly
Bring psu at one platform or pls start provision for waiting lists in every psu so that seats dont remain vacant and there are more engineers employed..... Pls guys take this seriously all gate qualified and low rankers can have the opportunity to get a psu ‌Pls give your points if we need something to add in this some fact which will support this so that it can be tweeted to pmo Jaise ki elections h 2k19 k they will listen to this and implement it asap Since psu have not yet started recruiting.... At so early what they can least do is start waiting list criteria for each. Psu

When will sail announce result