GATE 2017 Civil Engineering

Session 1 - general aptitude me 2^9+3^11... Aisa Jo question tha usme unit digit kya aaya tha ??


   Maths: 1. eigen vectors : no of independent solutions.

  2.euler numerical integration : error calculation.

 3. b2-4ac in case of parabola 

4.integration of something like ex2-ef(x) 

5.differential equation

 6. invariate?

 7. limit tanx/something (using L-hospital rule) 

8.a+bX, calculate A and B.

 9. identity matrix(inverse matrix relation). 10.


 1.Consolidated undrained calculations of angle of internal friction. 

2.slope stability: angle of internal friction for given soil.

 3.liquidty index and activity calculations 


 5.traffic probability 

 6.friction calculation for given pile 

7.fluids pressure at bent

 8. network given :calculation of min. days?

 9. e and f relations for velocity ‘0’ 

10. pipe outlet: modular, semi modular  

11. structure: internal and external indeterminancy for given truss

 12. two hinge arch

 13.Reaction at Mid support B, for given loading conditions such that rotation at B is zero . Slope deflection. 

14. fluids: shear stress variation in plates 

15. maximum moment at mid support B for given continous beam using ILD. 16.airport runway length 

17.match the following liquefaction ,boiling etc. 

18.surveying remote sensisng

 19.Calculation of prestress loss 

20.strain energy for given stepped bar . 

21. eulers ratio of strength of column: (both fixed:end+pinned) 

22.bearing capacity in clay: (2+pi) cu 

23.slope is  :m1or m2 or s1 ,s2 

24.consolidation time for given clay 

25. calculate e when f is given.

 26  BOD5 calculations for 10degree river 

27. which is not found in acid rain(acectic acid) 

28. water absorption/bulk specific gravity calculations 

29. Eccentric connections(net force calculations) 

30.hydrograph (find ordinate of 4h from 2h) 

31. hydrograph (peak ordinates of unit hydrograph from given DRH)

 32. surveying Edm. 

33.westergard /boussineq : ratio of stress at 2 m and 4m. 

34. settling velocity calculation. 

35. xu limit depends on. 

36.equivalent sound intensity

 37. survey : local attraction(at R) 

38. flow : head loss hf=r*1.8 

39. sluice gate.(no energy loss) 

40. Saturation flow and avg. delay (graphical question)

 41.max bending moment occurs at? 

42. force v/s time (relation given,find velocity) 

43. first order reaction relation.

 44. For given flow DO is max at? (upstream ,downstream etc)

 45. Mohr circle for hydrostatic pressure. 

There was a qs on influent biomass conc 54mg/l...decay const given...what will be effluent conc of biomass....anybody recalling?

Mininum What rank or marks anybody   required to get any PSU in OBC through gate...Please 

Mininum What rank or marks anybody   required to get any PSU in OBC through gate in civil engineering...Please 

shift 2- total strain energy

2. angle value in the frame

3.infiltrtion index

4.(sin)inversex vale integration ka answer

5.contract vala

6. total hardness calculation me Na ke lie bhi calculation karna hai ki nahi

7. kinetic determinacy will be reduced by

8. head loss per unit length

9. deflection ratio of ssb and udl on ssb

10. total mercury level in left tube

shift 2- 1.dia of tank

2. 1.315 gv2/gR


shift-2- 1.ratio of relative stiffness-2

2. bousinnesq vale ka answer

3. value f k in shear strain-(-.25)

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Getting around 51 marks what is my expected rankk....

civil session 2 guys after checking your response sheet please post the marks you are expecting(with +3 or -3 variation). Please be genuine. For those who want to fake please avoid. Thank you. 

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Key ??

@souradeepGOD bhai kitne marks aaya ? I mean approximately.can u pls share?

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