GATE 2017 Civil Engineering

Which session was more tough?

  • session 2
  • session 1

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how was morning session apti 

In session 1, in the river BOD question, what will be the ans BOD exerted or remaining....please clarify... :(

When we'll get our response sheet....of gate 2017 civil and also question paper..

what was the answer of settlement in clay of set 1. in which pore water pressure was 16 given.

1st shift wale apti ka answer minimum time for 

set 1 specific gravity bulk or apparent?

IIT me Mtech ke liye kitni max cutoff jaati h?

Asking for one of my friend. What would be this year's cutoff for clearing GATE? (Last year it was 25)

1st session- what will be the friction angle in slope stability in submerged condition? Is it equal to slope angle 20 degree?

1st session- prestress loss due to elastic shortening ka ans???????

Civil 1 session - what was the answer of piles in sand question ??

1st session- Rivet me resultant force kya aya??? angle 135 degree aya tha kya rivet 1 me????

Civil 1st session- (pi +2)*C ans tha kya bearing capacity of soil me???

Civil 1st session- Maximum bending moment at intermediate support near hinge ka kya answer hai???

civil 1st session- LIquidity index & Activity-  -0.2 and 1.4 aya tha kya?????

civil 1st session- Eigen value wale me 1 independent eigen vector aaya tha kya???

civil 1st session- consolidated undrained test me angle of friction ka kya value aya???

Simply supported having udl max and min bm or sf is question ka kya tha answer

set 2 aptitude question : 4 cards with two faces one side numbered as 2, 3 and other side coloured blue even number will have red colour on the other  side what is the answer  to this question