Gate 2017 Chemical

Exam Reviews and Discussion, Memory based questions

hello freinds 

 whats yr geuss about 2017  CH cut off

what was the murphree tray efficiency

Process control, answers are for stability problem ( Kc=10), overshoot( .372)   bode ultimate gain  ( pi/4 ), and initial Final value as (1, 1/2) respectively

what was the answer for the solid catalysed reaction 1 mark question?

any idea on chemical technology question

Can anyone kindly post previous year. ( any year) rank vs marks?. I cannot find it .

in nucleate boiling question what was the temperature of liquid


from the key what was the avg score from 45 questions

what was the answer for the henry's law question 2 mark?

what will be the expected cut off

you can check your GATE-2017 response by LOGIN ..........

what will be answer for propeller ques?

What was the answer to the counter current striping question? Minimum solvent 

what was the answer for general ability english old buildings metro construction question

Friends.. I am expecting around 62 marks for gate 2017 chemical. What rank can i expect and do i have any chance for psu callup (considering the exam was easy)

Expected rank for 72+ mark?

what will be the answer for relative volatality of propane? 

Expected rank for 76.66 marks ?