Gate 2016 Instrumentation

We can discuss all the things related to GATE 2016 IN here

hi guys, I,m getting 30 marks in gate 2016 ...can i expect to get a psu with this kind of pathetic marks ?

Anybody got call from bpcl?

can anybody clarify my doubt regarding the difference between equal percentage valve and linear valve???

when is the interview of iocl and hpcl?

IOCL called for interview?

Upto which rank iocl called??

Did anyone received call letter through post from ntpc....????? ( they said they will send call letters through post )

Hey, did anyone have NPCIL-ET exam today? If yes, can you please share the pattern and level of questions? 

Also, any idea about HPCL and NLC shortlist through GATE-2016? 

Guys!! Check if anyone is interested.

Apprenticeship Training 2015-16

Do anyone has any idea about last interview date in iocl in instrumentation.?

when was final result for iocl declared for instrumentation in 2015?

iocl instrumentation result out.

 guys plz help me out ,,, which one should i join considering all the aspects 


Thanks guys 

What we have to write in employee no. In forms of IOCL??

hi..plz clear my any pressure measuring instrument, we get voltage as an output generally..but how do we get the exact value of pressure. Suppose ,the voltmeter shows 5 do we calculate pressure ?