GATE 2016 (Civil Engineering)

Let's start discuss about civil questions.

The syllabus for GATE 2016 is quietly change. see following link

Hiii friends..

By which method we have to study steel structures...

Traditional or LSM ...????

For GATE and IES also??

Hiii friends ...i have filled my registration today...

hii friends

suggest me best online test series

what all topics do we have to cover in geometrical design of railway track ??

guys check out the free lecture series for GATE ESE

by nikhil verma AIR 22, ESE 2013

Important subjects






6.Fluids Mechanics

Bhailog pehle yeh krlo..accche se

How a second year student should prepare for GATE while completing his graduation?

Please suggest me the online videos site for GATE

Is dat ok..If i do only LSM part of RCC.... Or i need to do the whole subject....??... Plzz tell....suggestion required....

does anybody here have any study material for the new topics added in engg maths?

What marks can come... If i prepare this 5 topics deeply... 1) rcc 2) geotech 3)transport 4) enviorn 5) SA

Steel structures agar chod du...? Toh kitna loss hoga bhai log...

anyone from madeeasy here?

Guys... Y dey used Ysat ( gamma saturated).. In the equation??? Y dey didnt use another y(gamma) given in the problem.... See highlighted area

Gate schedule 2016

Date Session Code Paper Code 30.01.2016 S1 ME and EC 30.01.2016 S2 ME, BT, CH, GG, MN and PH 31.01.2016 S3 ME and EC 31.01.2016 S4 EC, AR, CY, IN, MA and PE 06.02.2016 S5 CS and CE 06.02.2016 S6 CS and EE 07.02.2016 S7 CE, AG, EY, MT and PI 07.02.2016 S8 EE, AE, TF, XL and XE

Admit card aaye kya??

Are bhai.. Koi ye solve karo yaar.... Aur concept kya hai wo bhi batana....pleaseee..... (this question was asked in mpsc prelims 2015)

gate admit card released ..  just  check it out .  best of luck guys ....