what are the answers for:

1.the two suffix margules problem to calculate g/RT value?

2.the centrifugal pump problem where characteristics of pump and frictional headloss of pump is given to calculate the flow rate?

Please tell me the answer for particle size question?

tell me the ans of smart city and surveillance which was in apti portion?????????????

koi exact answer batao ...

A CSTR has a long inlet pipe. A tracer is injected at the entrance of the pipe. The E-curve obtained

at the exit of the CSTR is shown in the figure below.

Assuming plug flow in the inlet pipe, the ratio (rounded off to the second decimal volume of the pipe to that of the CSTR is _______

Can anyone tell me the answer of fluid mechanics viscus sublayer velocity?

when iisc officially announce the answer key? any information?

what is the cutoff for top IITs for chemical engineering for m- tech

guys yhere was one question about "natural period" which had wrong options.. I think v should mail iisc to bring this thing to their notice..

What would be the answer to standard deviation normal distribution question....its B OR C

what is the ans of clausious equation of state change in molar enthalpy??....

Answer of heat transfer view factor question?

Value of m by linear regression method one....? r available at gatecoach website.....i cant say,all r correct.... U cn check thm out..... 

What is the maximum particle diameter is it is 2.15 or 2.04 similar question has been asked in 1991 there unit guys has taken particle density while in Re in place of fluid density can u guys comment on this ..

any way, answer of simpsons integration?

What is rain question and smart cities in apti gatecoach posted like C and B

Any idea upto which rank PSU will be recruiting this year?

gate coach pt catalyst ans is a, but my point of view about thiele modulus ans will be b that is scenario 2

Read in quora that IOC gives 85% weightage to Gate question is whther they take 85% on Gate normalized score or on Raw Score?

Comment your expected score..just score..nothing else...everybody comment once and no discussion...please