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*Hi everyone! :smiley: *We can make this page a discussion forum for GATE2015-ECE… Previous GATE successful candidates- please give us your valuable tips and strategies to crack GATE with high scores… Electronics Gurus- please give…

Hi everyone! 😃

We can make this page a discussion forum for GATE2015-ECE..

Previous GATE successful candidates- please give us your valuable tips and strategies to crack GATE with high scores..

Electronics Gurus- please give your share of thoughts on mastering subject basics..

All GATE2015 aspirants like me- Lets discuss our pre and post effects of GATE2015 along with PSU recruitment through GATE, mock tests, question discussions etc etc..

Good Luck everyone! 😃

GATE 2015 organising institution- IIT Kanpur

Official Link-

Guys! Need a few suggestions:

Is it really required to join a coaching center for Gate preparation?

If yes, then please suggest me the best coaching center for ECE in Bangalore.

As per I am concern, ECE 2010 batch pass-out and currently, working for an IT industry and I am not satisfied with it. 

Since 2 years I am giving the Gate exam along with the work but I am not even clearing the exam.

So please suggest me the best coaching in Bangalore and tips to study for gate with job.

hey people could you just guide me which books should be followed for a new comer like me 

hi everyone...i have btech in electrical engineering and want to write tge gate'15 paper in ec

will there be a problem to get calls from psus?

about how much gate score anyone could get a good job

I suggest to all GATE Electronics and other PSU entrance aspirants to go through this book

GATE-DRDO-ISRO: Previous Years Solved Papers (ELECTRONICS)

Author(s) :Nila Y. Desai, Sounak Samanta, Aheibam Laxmi


Price: 400.00

Publisher:BS Publications/BSP Books


Amazon weblink:

About the Book

This Book covers Previous Years' Solved Papers (Questions with Detailed Answers) of GATE Examinations (1999-2011 : Past 13 Years), conducted by Indian Institute of Science / Indian Institute of Technology, DRDO SET Exam Solved Papers (2008-2009 : Past 2 Years), conducted by RAC, New Delhi and ISRO Centralized Recruitment Exam Solved Papers (2009-2011 : Past 3 Years) for Scientists and Engineers in ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING. The answers are provided with detailed explanations and with reference page number of standard book(s) for each and every answer, keeping in mind the undergraduate student community.


1. GATE - 1999, 2. GATE - 2000, 3. GATE - 2001, 4. GATE - 2002, 5. GATE - 2003, 6. GATE - 2004, 7. GATE - 2005, 8. GATE - 2006, 9. GATE - 2007, 10. GATE - 2008, 11. GATE - 2009, 12. GATE - 2010, 13. GATE - 2011, 14. DRDO - 2008, 15. DRDO - 2009, 16. ISRO - 2009, 17. ISRO - 2010, 18. ISRO - 2011

About the Authors
Nila Yogesh Desai ME, is presently working as Assistant Professor in Electronics Engineering at National Institute of Technology (formerly known as SVREC), Surat. She has forty-two years of teaching experience. She taught several subjects in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. She headed the Electronics Engineering Department for several years. She is also Coordinator of VLSI Design SMDP-II program (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology). Her research interests are in the area of Digital Signal Processing and Digital Communication.

Sounak Samanta BE, (with Gold Medal) from National Institute of Technology, Surat, in 2006. He then joined Defence Electronics Research Laboratory (DLRL), DRDO, Min. of Defence, Govt. of India as Scientist 'B'. Presently he is involved in design of IFM and DF algorithms for Electronic Support (ES) application. He has received DRDO Lab Level 'Technology Group Award' in 2009 for significant contribution in 'Design & Development of DDIFM Technique for Electronic Support Application'. He is member of IEEE (USA), IETE, ISTE, RMS, IMS, ISCA, ACEEE.

Aheibam Laxmi BE, (Topper in ECE) from Manipur Institute of Technology in 2006. In 2007, she joined Defence Electronics Research Laboratory (DLRL), DRDO, Min. of Defence, Govt. of India as Junior Research Fellow and worked towards the 'Automation in Measurements' and 'Digital Phase Quantizer'. In 2009, she joined Research Centre Imarat (RCI), DRDO, Min. of Defence, Govt. of India as Scientist 'B'. Presently, her area of interests includes design of DSP processor based digital controller. She is member of IETE, ISCA, ISTE, ASI.

Want to find average power of cos(pi*n/4) over infinite interval?

Can anyone tell the answer?

del(t+2)-del(t-2).....del is unit impulse for what interval its value will be one and how?

find the fundamental period of cos(n^2*pi/8)?


Find period of ( sint + sin3.14t )

IS made easy books are gd for the preparation of gate or I should prefer any other book


tell me whether y(t)=x(t/3) is time invariant or not?

Is discrete time convolution asked in gate? take the oppenheim (signals and sys)example 2.4 of chapter2, do gate ask question this lengthy?

how to test my conceptual understanding while studying.I have started studying electronic devices. Suggest me resources . i have been doing theoretical reading only 

hey guys i want to ask whether in random varibale "random variable with 2 variable" is in syllabus.

what is the fundamental period of x(t)=1 that is a constant signal. Kindly explain it with reason.

Sin(x(n) is stable or unstable explain it

Sin(x(n) is stable or unstable explain it * gateforum 2015 test series ques. 😃