any body preparing for GATE 2014 (mechanical)…WANT TO DISCUSS QUES …

any body preparing for GATE 2014 (mechanical).....

WANT TO DISCUSS QUES ................

Material of which institute is better.. made easy or ace academy... some help!!

this time nhpc is also recruting thru gate......

which is self lubricating material ??

In thick film hydrodynamic journal bearings , the coeff of friction

waterat 42° c is injected in the stream of air at atmospheric pressure and 40°Dbt and 20°wbt.

if air leaving is not saturated then air gets....???

puys plz tell me how easy/difficult it is to clear GATE 2014 EXAM with 2-3 months of prep.i belong to PWD category so plz tell me the cutoffs for this category.
also i am from mechanical and automation branch(MAE) so will it cause any problem in selection procedure?
thanks in advance👍

spline holes are machined using?

vizaq steel is also recruiti

ng through gate 2014

i have one question which is not related to GATE . my question is whether the autocad (design) will help instrumentation people to improve their career and job opportunity......please suggest ....


hi guys.. i have a question which is really bothering me.. I belong to OBC but to creamy layer. In gate application i chose OBC reservation option. Is it wrong? is there any way to correct it? please help!!!😟

can i get a psu?...My AIR is 852 ME score 761

can i get any iit or psu ? my rank is 403 and score 811..

hii guys.. my rank is 2579 ME. iit ka koi chance hai kya?


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