From the horse's mouth - 1 year PGDGM program(GMP) at XLRI

Hello everyone, I’m Chanveer from the current XLRI GMP (General Mangement Program) batch. This is a 1-yr full time residential program, awarding a Exec-PGDGM degree. This thread is meant for those of you who are interested in pursing a …

Hello everyone,

I'm Chanveer from the current XLRI GMP (General Mangement Program) batch. This is a 1-yr full time residential program, awarding a Exec-PGDGM degree.

This thread is meant for those of you who are interested in pursing a
1-yr course, and want to know more about XLRI GMP program. I and my
colleagues will do our best to answer your queries. Let me give a short background on this program. The GMP program was started more than 5 years back, as a requirement was felt to train managers from Tata Steel Ltd. Until 3 years back, this was a purely company sponsored program. 3 years ago, it was opened to self sponsored candidates via XAT.

Features of the program:
1. 1-yr full time residential program.
2. Dual speciliazation offered. Electives are - Finance, Operations
Management, Marketing, Information Systems, HR, Economics/Strategic
3. XLRI brand name!!
5. Amazing batch diversity - work exp from 3.5 yrs to 20 yrs. Excellent
peer learning - levels above the normal courses
6. A very cost effective course. Total package for year 2006-07, including
fees, hostel, laptop etc - 3.5 Lks.

The application criteria for our batch was a minimum work ex of 3 years.
There are chances that this might be hiked a little bit for the next
batch, but no official word on this yet.

So, feel free to shoot any questions. :-)

Chanaveer K

I have a query Chanveer sir...what about the placement scenario this time for the GMP batch? What exactly is XLRI and your batch doing to promote this programme especially when the entry is quite rigid through XAT only, though few exceptions were made this time? XLRI is undoubtedly a big brand name, but GMP is still a unknown product in the market.

Please do provide everyone with the accurate picture 😃

Hi Aarav,

That's a good question! Our's is the first GMP batch which will have placements. The last batch did not have them. You'r right, that as of now there is less visiblity of this program in the market. But seeing that XLRI will now onwards back this up with campus lateral placements, it is a very good proposition.

As far as promotion of this program is concerned, XLRI is doing it the same way as is done for the regular 2 yr program. The GMP profiles will be sent to companies this year, as is done for the other courses, plus other measures. From our side too, the students are trying various things to make this program visible. More companies will hear more about this program, and in 1-2 years situation will be different. In fact the pagalguy thread also serves the same purpose!! But the real publicity will only be got once our placements are done - placements are what will make people situp and take notice.

We have spoken at length about this with our GMP seniors. They have assured us that it's a great program, and not break our heads worrying about the current popularity of this program.

About the entrance, yes, it is only via XAT. But you dont have to get 99% to get in. It can be lower too (85% or more). The quality of work ex counts. The exception was made in a special case where GMAT score was taken.

Hope this answers your queries.

Chanaveer K

Hi All,

Some of the queries and replies to them, posted on this thread have disappeared. I dont know why. If anyone wants info about GMP (in depth and about how the course is progressing), please send a mail to me at [email protected], apart from posting the query here. I will try to reply to that, or get you in touch with someone else from the GMP program.


For further discussion on this topic please refer to this thread:

Chanaveer K

dear sir,
could you give some info about xlri-singapore,
1) curriculum
2) brand value
i do want to apply to that institute,with my gmat scores. i am a electrical engineer by profession working in a engineering consultancy firm for the last three years.
i would be immensely grateful if you help be out.

Hi There,

Xlri has its executive mba programs in Singapore. You can get more info with the form on the website You need to click on the XLRI at Singapore link.

Also, as this thread is no longer used, would request you to post on the other thread for One Year GMP at XLRI thread.