FRM Level 1 November, 2018

Group for preparation for GARP FRM Level 1 November, 2018. Let's start the prep!

Any one have the question bank for FRM LEVEL 1

BT notes, FINTREE videos, Q bank, 10 year Practice papers and lot of other FRM 1 and FRM 2 material, please contact : [email protected]


Does anyone would like to share FRM l1 Fintree videos for free?

Kindly PM!

Hello, I am new here. Anyone with FRM 1 past papers?

some useful material for FRM L1: please feel free to share something new related to FRM L1 with me @[email protected] Kalpan: BT QB 2018:   fintree *Fmp* *var* *Q&A* *foundation* *Quants* *BT questionbank and videos* *Part1 review* *edupristine* *Question bank*

Guys can anyone help...if only scheweser and bt question bank would be good for level 1??

 Hi! Do anyone like to share a question bank with answer clarifications for FRM level I. Please email to [email protected] 

I could not understand formula to calculate weight given in Scheweser notes formula is w1= (sd2)^2/{(sd1)^2+(sd2^2)}. Can any1 throw some light on this? Also is it important to understand how these formulas are derived?

Does anyone has BT video for FRM part 1?

Any WhtsApp group ?

 Any reviews of SSEI for Part 1? 

[Scholarship Application]: Someone pls guide me on what to fill under "College/University Official Information" column. This is of high importance as the deadline is approaching closer and I need to dispatch it by today EOD. Your help would be really aiding.


can any one explain the merger arbitrage hedge strategy in a simple way ???

HI, 2019 CFA materials and 2018 FRM and other including financial modelling/advanced excels available; drop an email at [email protected]

Any one given the FRM EXAM?? What is the difficulty level?? Compared to practice exam what is the actual exam difficultly level?? Pls reply soon.. Anyone..

FRM PART 1 2017 GARP & SCHWESER NOTES, 2017 BT NOTES & VIDEOS.. FRM PART 2 2018 GARP & SCHWESER NOTES & 2018 FINTREE contact [email protected]

FINTREE FRM PART 1 &2 [email protected]

Hi, Does anyone have fintree frm level 1 latest video of 2018. Please share, i have an older version.

Hi all. How did the exam go ? Any guesses about what would be a good number of correct attempts? And .. we had one question regarding penalty factors in which a graph containing 4 lines were given and we were asked to choose the line indicating a penalty factor criterion. Did they ask SIC or AIC?