Freeman (Tulane) Admits

Anyone applied/accepted to Tulane Uni (Freeman) Fall 08??

Anyone applied/accepted to Tulane Uni (Freeman) Fall 08??

Hi lambdatheta9

Are you planning to join Freeman. How good are the placements at this school?



hey ajeet..

yes, i'm probably joinin Tulane as it is renowned for its Finance concentration. Recently it was ranked 10th best in the world for Finance. Frankly speaking, i dont judge a University only by rankings as they provide a very skewed view however, one of my cousins had attended Tulane MBA (Finance) a few years back and this is his view:

1) The Program is excellent, very informative and detailed.
The curriculum is rigorous and faculty is well known and helpful too.
2) New Orleans is a great city, great food, music and culture.
3) During his time, the placements were a bit dismal, Big Investment Banks did come on the campus though (Citi, Merill, Lehmann) to name a few. However, most students got placed in the south, south west.
4) Recently, Tulane has started New York Days event in which students are taken to New york and given opportunities to interview and meet recruiters. A BIG Positive.

Considering all these facts and its strength in my field of interest (Finance, IV Banking), i have opted for Tulane. The placements have shown improvement too.. I wouldnt recommend much for any other field of concentration though.

Which other options are you looking at?

Hi Lamdathetha9
Thanks for your inputs.I am also looking for a shift to finance as well.
I have Wake forest babcock and Tulane in hand and awaiting results from Boston college( MSF ) and Texas A&M; ( yet to hear).

1.How would you rank these , presuming all come through?
2. Where else have you applied ?

Thanks & Regards

i Lamdathetha9
Thanks for your inputs.I am also looking for a shift to finance as well.
I have Wake forest babcock and Tulane in hand and awaiting results from Boston college( MSF ) and Texas A&M; ( yet to hear).

1.How would you rank these , presuming all come through?
2. Where else have you applied ?

Thanks & Regards

hey ajeet..

I had applied to Babcock (R3) but got dinged there, statistically speaking, Texas A&M; is a goood school and placements should also be better... Curriculum wise Tulane is better than WFU but placement wise WFU is better. What is your interested conc in Finance? Equity Analysis? Inv. banking? Consulting? Tulane has a great equity analysis program and you should have no concerns about the course and the knowledge you shall gain. Location wise, New Orleans has been re established since katrina days and the Tulane has spent nearly 50 million $ on the main building, so expect the latest infra.
Have been waitlisted from Babson, waitin to hear from Cass (Msc) and Uni Pitt.

lemme know if u have any other ques..

Hi again
How do you plan to fund Tulane , I believe you must have got some schol ? Given the Apr 28 deadline , I need to figure this out.

Wake forest, has given time till 18 Apr. Still wondering :unhappy:


hey ajeet...
i've got 80% funding so the costs of attending are marginal.... i've time till 25th april... how much funding have u got? and can u please post ur stats..

u can ask for an extension at WFU...tell them that u need to fig out the funding thing....



I also got a 80% schol, but still the cost works out to be about 27 L ( total).
How are you planning to fund this. Any pointers would be great .



the tuition costs come to 16000$ for 2 years (4L), add $ 3000 odd for module fee or something, then 500$ odd for health, 11000$ odd for rent/food etc. so the total cost comes to 12-15 L per year (depends upon how u live i.e.).

Well, i'm going to take a loan from my dad , hopefully payin him off in a few years. But the US does have a generous educational funding system for international students as well. Plus, you only have to show that you can cover costs for an year so that comes to around 11-12L max. You can transfer funds into one bank account, take the balance statement for that particular day, get it signed by the branch manager and that doc becomes the affidavit of support. If the bank account is in the name of your father then you'll have to print out a letter of sponsorship, bearing your fathers signature on it.

So that is for the first year, then there are RA, TA positions available at the University itself, 20 hours per week, which can fund the routine expenses.

Lemme know if u have further Q's.

The website lists the following as costs:

Credits/Semester Tuition & Fees First semester 16$19984Second semester14$17486Third semester 16$20976*Fourth semester15$19665*Total 61$78111*

Assuming that you both got 80 percent aid. You need to pay -> 20 percent of 78000 = 15600

Also, living costs are (for 9 months)->
Room & Board$10600Notebook Computer$1700Books$1500Transportation$1930Health$1883Miscellaneous$1370TOTAL$18983

so for 2 years -> 20,000 + 20 000 = 40,000

Total = 40,000 + 15,600 = 55,600 = 22,79,000 Rupees

Lambdatheta(Shalin), am i missing something here? You said it would be 15-16.

I have ommitted assitantships.


Your calculations are right..........

12- 15 lakhs per year........

Hey guys,

I've been following your thread. Just wanted to say that I 'm most probably going to Tulane too... I applied and got through Wake forest but they were more expensive, much more than Tulane but that's not the only criteria of course.

I got teh same scholarship as Lambdatheta, exact same actually, that's quite interesting I think. I'm still waiting on Carlson, but it's almost certainly Tulane now, of course all depends on teh visa and such.

Do lemme know if there're any further updates on teh I 20 scene/Visa processes etc.

Karthick, so you made up your mind yet?

Guys, can anyone share their profiles please?

Hi Vig

I have got an admit from Freeman.
Haven't started with any of the processes. (got the admit mail recently)

I have sent you a PM too..

Darthcoder: Have you got an admit too?

[email protected]

Hi,Congrats to vig, karthik and all who have got into Tulane. I have paid the $800 deposit (12th April) and recd a mail from them sayin that the I-20 is under process and i shall be receiving it in 2 weeks. had to fax a few docs as well (statement of values, affidavit of support etc) which they sent via Fedex.. nice bag... I just wanted to comment on the fee structure of Tulane. Since it's a private school, the tuition costs are bound to be high, however, as 70% of admits get some financial aid, they seem less deadly. living costs in New orleans are quite less compared to a city like NYC, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami or even Columbus. Single room rents are range anywhere from 500$ upwards (depending upon the area). Food costs are also reasonable. Some of the living costs can be covered by taking up the 20 hour per week job on campus. If we assume that we are paid at the minimum wage (quite unlikely) of 7-8$ per hour (although louisiana has no minimum wage law, the average wage in other states is 7-8$) we would earn around 7000$ per year. that can easily cover the 'Food', yes beverages extra according to ones preference and frequency :). Student loans can also be availed. One has to do a bit research and contact the grad office once there. Few ideas on Tulane.The University is on near to Canal street and is a few miles from the French Quarter (heart of New orleans). The uni itself is quite huge (medical school is renowned as well). The infrastructure of Freeman is top notch and has a state of the art trading room. Important for Finance guys. I would reco the school for students who are interested to pursue Finance as their major. My cousin also attended Tulane and was quite satisfied with the experience. However, he also said that students opting for other Majors were cribbing about their experience. Please do your research about the programs too. New Orleans:Known for French Influence. Known for sea-food and music (jazz capital). Other positives : Mardi Gras, Casinos, missisipi river (can become a negative too, incase of floods!!!) and loads of restaurants. As a city, its quite lively. However, one has to roam around with comapny in certain areas at night, (can get mugged). Again, the mugging porblem is widespread in the US and is not confined to N.O.Placements:Tulane has taken up a few initiatives for better placements of Students. Trip to NYC etc. It is not much of a bother for Finance ppl, last year almost all the big banks came for recruitment. One has to make a few contacts during the program to get more opportunities. Depends upon one's self marketing skills.btw, my stats: gmat 760, toefl 115, acads (poor gpa (completed Bsc. I.T. along with C.F.A) work ex - 2 years (working as a research analyst (equities)), extra curriculur act - average.Cheers,lamdatheta9

Thanks shalin for the info.....

Thanks a lot Lambda theta.. we'll keep in touch...


When do plan to start for Tulane ? Lambdathetha, Vig_krish others ?


Hey Aj,All international Students are required to attend the communication course starting July 8th. It is advisable to reach 10 days prior to the commencement to settle down in New Orleans. Thus the departure date should be around June 27-30 for many. What have u decided? Who all is attending Tulane this Fall. Kindly update.