FPM 2019 Preparation

Meant for Serious aspirants aspiring for PHD from top B-schools India/Abroad

Hi everyone, My humble request to those FPM students pursuing from top notch B-schools(India/Abroad), to join this group and guide serious Aspirants like us, who are interested to pursue FPM/PHD from top IIMs(A,B,C.. etc)/IITs or Ivy league B-schools. kindly join and contribute generiously, for benefit of everyone in this group,getting selected in their desired  top B-school


Dear all,kindly post your interest areas and keep sharing articles, my interest area is OB/HR. 


 Happy Reading!!

Backgroung GEF

IIMK FPM asks you to pick 2 research areas and invites you for interview for one or both of them depending on whether u r shortlisted or not. I was invited for interview for both areas I had applied in namely IT&S and OBHR


There was no written test, direct PI.

For IT&S:

 There were 5 panelists. All male. Interview lasted about 20 mins.

What they basically wanted to know was what is your motivation and drive behind wanting to pursue FPM. Is it because you did not get into MBA? Are you aware of what a research field looks like? Have you read journals? Name a few relevant journals/publishers/format of a journal? What are your expectations from the course?

Then they started grilling upon your area of research. Why this field? Asked a bunch of technical questions. Checked current affairs awareness in that field about latest developments. What are your plans on the research once you enter?

They also gave mathematical problems to solve on topics like calculus, statistics, matrix etc. 

The pace of the interview was not slow and relaxed, it was quick rapid fire round type so that you dont get time to think and thus respond with your first instinct revealing true nature of your motivation. 

My advice is : Understand your motivations first because more than technical knowledge , motivation and drive will only help you survive 5 years of FPM. 



5 panelists, 1 female 4 male.

This was a little more cheerful than IT&S. Interview lasted about 20 mins. 

They asked if I had been giving other interviews, why OBHR, what would I choose if i converted IT&S and OBHR both? They checked my motivation, area of research, asked a bunch of technical questions from OB and HR. Asked me about my interest in teaching, why I wanted to leave my corporate job for research , checked if i could survive long hours of study and research and dead ends, told me about downsides of research- saw how my reaction was. 

At some point they asked me to get up and teach them a topic. It was very on-the-spot kind of thing. Asked in depth about my area of research and why I chose that. 

The pace of the interview was deceptively cheerful and appeared to be relaxed but they checked a lot of factors like reactions, confidence, knowledge, motivation, capabilities to think out of the box. 

My advice: Never lose your composure even if your exploding from within. Show them confidence, humilty, cheerfulness and a thirst for knowledge.Dont go unprepared. Dont randomly give area of reserach. Do you homework on it and be prepared for technical questions. 

All the best to all ! 

My result : converted both IT&S and OBHR 

Hello Guys, I am Karthik currently pursuing Sjimr Mumbai GMP and Masters in Management from EBS Universität Germany. I want to pursue FPM in ISB/IIMs in the area of Strategy. Apart from Gmat score and motivation/ orientation towards research what else can be parameters for admission and what roles do grades play in admission given the grading system is very different in germany and my current university has an absolute grading system and comparing the grades with those who have normalization will be very difficult

 I am an IT professional with 1 year of experience. I want to join FPM(mis) in IIMs in coming years. Is there a chance that IIM can change their eligibility to Post Graduate for admission in FPM?  In one newspaper article i saw it.   


 Any IIM fpm pass-out in finance looking for assistant professor post please message me. Handsome CTC based on experience and other qualifications. Kindly share with others you know ....

  Hello friends!! We can start by mentioning the profiles of each of us and the areas where we want to puruse FPM. This would help a lot.

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