Fpm 2018 preparation

This group is exclusively for those aspirants who wish to join fpm programme at different IIMs. Only 2018 prospective candidates and current fpm students would be considered.

Welcome guys Plz post your queries here. Bases on my fpm interview exp, i will try to answer queries. I will also invite my batchmates and seniors to help and support you for preparing for different stages of selection. Thanks &Regards Yusuf Fpm 2017 Iim indore

Looking for tips for SOP and Interview preparation for IIM FPMs. Please guide.

Incase you are interested in viewing my SOP that i used last year, you can share your mail Ids here.

See if video can help you clear your doubts.


 Preparatory books/material for IIM-indore test ( only if you have not practiced logic reasoning or maths at any level):

some weblinks- 



For comprehension and essay:




Important "DOs" & "DON'Ts"to select research topic for your SOP and Interview:

1. Download ABDC rating from http://www.abdc.edu.au/pages/abdc-journal-quality-list-2013.html

2. Select A*,A & B  journals of your area from the list and open their websites.

3. Refer to current topics being published in these journals.

4. use google scholar to find a review paper on these topics and download them for free using https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sci-Hub (simply copy the link of the article and paste it here, you will be able to download pdf of that article)

5. read review papers and make a note of important DI,IV,CV used in these research papers and also read the future research part in the discusiso heading of these articles. form the disucssion part you will be able to identify exisiting posibility of research in that topic.

6. Prepare a 1 page note on the major themes published for that topic ex. organizational justice and trust, e-marketing & consumer perception and so on. 

7. used your understanding based on these articles to frame your SOP.

8. Try writing your SOP in third person.

9. Avoid lengthly sentences & repetation of sentences.

10. you may conclude by saying IIM-XYZ will offer me suitable infrastructure and opportunities requires to carry out my research work... It would be an honour being part of IIM-XYZ .... and so on.

11. revise your SOP twice or thrice before submitting.


I am a final year pgp MBA(fin and ops) from XLRI. Wanted to pursue phd and research further. Any guidance would be helpful.


I have done full time MBA from IIM in 2015 and now want to pursue ph.d. I gave NET in nov 2017 but the results are not out yet. I have not given CAT in 2017. I want to pursue ph.d from delhi only. my queries:

1. Can I apply to institutes despite not giving CAT in 2017?

2. is FPM at MDI/FMS/IIFT good?

3. I saw that MDI is charging almost 2.5 lacs per year from its FPM students while most institutes give financial support during FPM. Something I am missing?

3. Which institutes are good for part-time ph.d as I am considering continuing with my job.

Thanks in advance.

I will be uploading another video to discuss specifically on SOP writing. The video will be available on youtube tomorrow 8PM onwards.

The third video would be on how to prepare for IIM-Ranchi,IIM-C,IIM-T written test which is scheduled on the first/second day of interview.

Link to access my new youtube video on writing SOP & Area wise suggestive reading for desiding your research topic




Guys I need your favour. I am doing a study on organizational culture and opportunity. If you have some prior experience working with any company or firm, please fill my survey form. Its urgent. I need 38 responses. Please fill it and forward it your friends and  colleagues.


Thanks in advance.

I have a small doubt.

I am applying to XLRI FPM via XAT. However, in the XAT form, they have not asked anything about LOR, SOP etc.

What is the procedure for shortlisting via XAT? Any idea?

 except IIM B, and IIM I which other IIM have option to take its own test for FPM  other than CAT/GRE/GMAT etc 

Hi, in IIM (Indore) FPM application form, i am not able to find the section where i need to provide my GRE score? Do we have to provide our score while submitting application form or will IIM-I will ask to show score card if my application gets shortlisted? Please advise. 

Hi, Has anyone filled Application form IIM-L (FPM)?

Do we have to fill the form manually? i found that the space provided is not sufficient, can we use additional sheets for providing requisite detail (like work exp, extra curricular activities)? Pls advise.


Hi Guys, the IIMC FPM application form has a field to report overall GRE percentile but to the best of my knowledge ETS will not report overall percentile. What shall I fill in that field?

Update: I've posed the question to IIMC-FPM team, they asked me to leave it blank.

Just wanted to know of Letter of recommendations are required or just the names of faculty will do.

Hey All, 

I have got 312 in GRE. I have 2+years experience working in startup. I also had a startup in college. 10th - 65.67, 12th - 78.4 , B.Tech(AMU) - 8.4/10  

How much chances do I have for FPM in IIMs with above profile and what colleges should I target applying?

Pls help. Thanks

Hi everyone! I wish to apply for fpm iimb 2018 on the basis of gate appearing for the area production & operations management. Can one do that as nothing is very clear about this so raising my query here. Can anyone help in this matter?