Forum update complete - please share your thoughts, concerns and feedback

Dear Puys,

We have made some significant updates to the forum. We have listened to your feedback and found that we had to update the forum to a new style so that we can converse more and also have reduced spam. Our goal with this major update is to increase the quality of conversations and also reduce spam and unwanted comments.

In doing so, these are the top 3 changes you will find different.

1) Sequence of Posts

All posts are now chronological and sorted by time. This means that the latest post will be last. We have done this to ensure that people go through all posts and then make thoughtful replies. In some cases though, you will find that the groups are very long. However, worry not. There is a read-o-meter on every post and you can click on the last time stamp to directly to the latest post

2) No comments on individual posts

Instead of comments, you can now reply directly to a post. This ensure that the right person gets tagged and also removes a lot of frivolous posting on the groups. We want to make sure that all of our users can participate in high quality discussions

3) New Design

This will take some time to get used to. We all loved the old forum design, but to accomodate new features, we now have had to make some major changes to the design. It is a work in progress and we will continue to make small tweaks to improve your experience.

You can share any feedback on the following group - we will be reading and responding to all comments.


@pagalguy have you deleted accounts with throwaway email ids? I am unable to login with my old username and password.

We have deleted accounts where there were patterns of spam. If you are unable to login, you could try resetting your old account password

Oh, I had just posts of my mock scores. I can’t reset password since my email id was temporary and I don’t remember it.

Sorry then, in this scenario as you have figured out there is no way out

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@pagalguy Could you allow changing of usernames and edit profile option
I would like to make it more relatable to my journey

This is the worst design…app was at its highest 2-3yrs back…now its worst…cant find groups and post now on mob